What I learned from my professional numerology report

A summary of the information I learned from purchasing a professional numerology report regarding my personalty traits and future events.

The Golden Age & Cyclical Time

An examination of several different cultures and their belief in a “golden age” that once existed and may supposedly return.

How to embrace your wildness (& why you should)

An argument against society’s suppression of our wild nature, and advice on consciously embracing it.

Mythology ~ Goddess Isis

Learn about ancient Egypt’s “goddess of ten thousand names,” most dynamic of all, she is goddess of almost everything.

Mythology ~ Goddess Parvati

Learn about Hindu goddess Parvati, most devoted and dedicated wife, and all her other alternative avatars.

Mythology ~ Goddess Kali

Hindu goddess Kali is most misunderstood of all, representing death & destruction as well as love & humility.

Film Review: Caesar & Cleopatra

The 1945’s adaptation of George Bernard Shaw’s 1898 play portrays the infamously intimidating Cleopatra in a vulnerable light.

Fashion trends ~ Kawaii / Creepy-cute / Pastel goth

Comparing and contrasting three types of fashion trends that highlight cuteness in their own unique ways.

Fan Fiction ~ Joker & Harley Quinn have a BABY!

A fiction piece based on famous characters Joker & Harley Quinn. Chessiness to the max? You betchya!!!

Film Reviews: JOKER vs. Birds of Prey

A look at two very different films: Joker pre-Harley vs. Harley post-Joker.

The Captain & The Mermaid series

Follow chapters one through ten alongside Fuchsia the mermaid, and her Captain’s quest for their destiny.

Forbidden Knowledge series

Follow chapters one through ten alongside Alice the librarian, who dives dangerously deep down the rabbit hole.

Little Pixie series

Follow chapters one through ten alongside Nixie, the little Pixie, navigating childhood and the complications of love, in a mythical world full of magic.

The Scarlet Letter

Stepping into the shoes of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Hester Prynne, I recount my journey from sin to surrender.

Quiz ~ What’s My Spirit Animal?

Determine which animal(s) you relate to on a soul-level, and how to utilize this for ultimate spiritual growth.

Top 75 Britney Spears songs

From worst to best, the ultimate ranking of music from our dominatrix goddess (Godney,) who taught the world how to channel their sensuality.

Top 25 Darkest & Saddest Lana Del Rey songs

A quest for 50% darkness and 50% sadness, from our queen of darkness & sadness.

Days of the week:

Day of the sun: putting yourself first in the healthiest way possible.

Day of the moon: illusions & feelings: mysteries, mythology, media.

Day of Mars: taking action, trying new things, and passionate rants.

Day of Mercury: manifestation and communicating with the universe.

Day of Jupiter: expansion, growth, looking back while moving forward.

Day of Venus: the flow of love through sacred religious texts.

Day of Saturn: taking care of responsibilities — and all the cats!