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Lessons I’ve learned in friendship

1. Be grateful — be grateful for people who are kind and caring because that is very rare in life. I have wasted a lot of energy on negative situations when I could have been using that energy to focus on the people who make me happy.

2. Let go of expectations — friendships should not come with contracts or rules you have to follow. Also everyone is unique and we all have different ideas about how to show someone you care.

3. Let go when you know you should — if someone continues to hurt you, there is no need for confrontation or revenge. Sometimes you really do need to sit down with someone and have an honest conversation, if necessary. But if it’s a continuous thing then don’t waste energy on them anymore. They are not going to change, if they really do then it’s something they need to do on their own. Dont take someone else’s inner issues into your own hands. Let them do their own inner work.

4. Time will tell — friends come and go. Some friendships can be so exciting, uplifting, and authentic– yet remain short-lived. Or sometimes you quit being friends with someone for years and you somehow fall back together and refresh your friendship. People flow in and out, it’s normal for people to fight or misunderstand each other. Friends may become enemies, or enemies may become friends. You don’t really know for sure what your timeline is with anybody until you look back one day.

5. Anyone can be your friend — friends don’t have to be exactly the same. You can be total opposites and come from different backgrounds and still get along. You can have different ideas and beliefs about life, but still find a common ground. It’s about being able to put those differences aside for the sake of feeling connected to one another and realizing we are all more similar than we seem.

Day 21: what lessons do you want your children to learn from you?

  • That stress is not worth it, some stress is good but too much of it is just not worth it. You have to realize how deeply stress affects yourself and those around you. You have to find things that calm you down and make the effort to engage in those things as often as you can. It takes a lot of strength to not let yourself get worked up about every little thing.
  • Never forget about how precious life is. Every single day, you put your life at risk, and there are an infinite amount of scenarios that could end it. For example — we drive our cars to work every day which seems like a mundane thing, but fatal accidents happen all the time. Remember that you are never promised tomorrow, so always make today count. Feel your blessings before they are gone.
  • Just follow your heart. It’s going to make everything messier and more painful, but it is also going to open doors that you have never even imagined. Keep yourself grounded — don’t just throw logic out the window. Work with your rationality to find a balance. But when it all comes down to it, you want to look back someday and know that you followed your heart.
  • Everyone is struggling behind the happy show that they put on. We’re all acting, putting on a smile when the camera comes out or being asked “how are you” by people who just want to hear you say “good” and move on. People are just too uncomfortable with sadness and anger. I think if we were free to express ourselves, then it could lead to healing. But people are just too scared of emotion. Even positive emotions like excitement scares people because it’s too strong. We’re all just expected to be kind-of-happy robots.
  • And the rich celebrities are really the best actors of them all. It’s not like I know any of them personally, but it’s clear that they struggle and deal with life’s universal problems. So just don’t get wrapped up in that stuff, don’t stalk celebrities and try to be like them and assume they are gods.
  • When it comes to other people, never try to own/control someone or give them expectations to meet. You are going to be really hurt when a person does not do what you expected of them, which is unfair because that means you are trying to change them. To attempt to change someone is to declare that you do not accept them for who they are. For example, imagine yelling and crying at a daisy for being yellow. Or imagine yelling and crying at a cat for meowing. You think that you are the innocent victim who has been let down, but really you are using emotion as manipulation in order to get what you want. Love people for who they are (and all of their “dirty laundry”), not for the person you want them to be.
  • Let yourself wonder, dream, and explore. There are so many things from childhood you gotta hold onto and don’t let adulthood rip it away. Always keep your inner child alive. “Adults” are not actually “adults,” but simply children who have lived for many, many more years than you.