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RISE UP! (a vent)

I feel like nobody takes anything or anyone seriously. Everything is just a joke. Don’t get me wrong because I think it’s important to have a big sense of humor and don’t take things personally… But I feel like no one really thinks about how fragile life is and how precious every single day is.

People basically float day to day without purpose or consciousness. Everyone plays the “innocent victim” card because they are too scared or too lazy to take control of their lives and responsibility for their actions.

There’s a lot of superficial thought, like “if you can’t see it, then it doesnt exist” mentality. People turn a blind eye to what makes them uncomfortable. But if people had more bravery then they could accomplish so much more.

This might not make sense at first because I am a big believer in freedom. But sometimes I do feel like people have… not “too much freedom”… but like, the wrong type of freedom. I think we are so overwhelmed with different choices that we end up giving our power to those who take advantage.

I think people are bored with their false sense of freedom. So much destruction happens due to shallow boredom. People gossip and form cliques because they are bored. They look for problems because they are bored. They need to pick on others in order to distract themselves from their own flaws. They have nothing better to do.

But there is SO MUCH out there! So many books waiting to be read, skills waiting to be learned. Even if you don’t do anything, you will still make better use of your time through mediation and deep introspection. Just sitting there and focusing on your breath is actually going to bring so much more accomplishment than gossiping or picking other people apart.

Drama is a great distraction from our higher selves. Drama is like junk food that our soul gobbles down when it’s craving vitamins and minerals. You will never, ever discover the deep truths of life if you are too caught up in petty drama.

If you want to continue being an innocent victim of your life who faces unfair struggles, don’t expect anything to change. You can change your wardrobe, hair, home, friends, but you will still fall into the same psychological patterns. Nothing is going to change until you start from within.

“If you stand for nothing, then you fall for everything.”

This quote presents great truth. Be conscious. Have character. Stand for something. Don’t let the world tell you who to be, or bully you into hiding your true colors. Everyone will assume that you are confident, no one sees you falling apart behind closed doors. People will treat you like you’re made of stone. So RISE UP!

***VENT RULES! I am not attacking anyone in particular! This is completely personal opinion and not fact! I understand this is black-and-white thinking! Thank you for your open mind and no judgement please! Love & peace!***

On Purpose

We live in a guilt-ridden society: a society of people who are repressed and controlled by guilt.

What is “guilt” or “feeling guilty”? It means to experience negative emotions about oneself, due to the negative impact of our thoughts, actions, and way of being.

I agree that all human beings have legitimate reasons to feel bad about ourselves — our ignorant nature, our laziness, our destruction of the environment, the list goes on…

However, we live in a society that simply “chooses to feel guilty.” The problem with guilt is this: no amount of guilt can change or reverse the negative impact. Many of us like to believe that “feeling guilty” is enough of a punishment. But that’s completely false.

You see, the more you fall into a pit of guilt, the lower your self-esteem falls. And so, you uncontrollably continue to do “bad things” (whether it be littering, gossiping, etc.) because your subconscious truly believes that this is the type of person you are. You will continue to feed your conscious mind with guilt in order to “make up” for the consequences. And you fall into a viscous cycle of self-sabotage.

If you are feeling guilty then you really only have two options:

  1. Change your behavior — become a better person. Or,
  2. Change your state of mind — have total faith and confidence in everything you do.

Authority figures, religious figures, the media, anyone trying to take your money, uses guilt as a form of control. Distance yourself from anyone or anything that believes fear and shame will make you a better person. That’s totally wrong — inspiration and faith is what makes someone better.

How many times have you heard people say, “yeah, I really shouldn’t do this, but I do it anyway.” Or how many times have you heard people constantly apologizing for things totally beyond their control? Either use the guilt to make a change or let it go. If you pick the third option — to let it swallow you whole — then you are taking the easy way out and causing even more problems for yourself and those around you.

Let everything you do be done with purpose. Do not do anything halfway. If you want to get a project done, don’t just start it and then give up. If you want to talk to someone, don’t just walk up to them like you’re about to say something and then turn around. Make a choice and stick with it — believe in your choices. Either do something with no guilt or hesitation, or don’t do it at all.

Express your truth

It’s good to express yourself, because we’ve been taught to suppress everything we feel. You can’t expect someone to read your mind, otherwise they will never know and make false assumptions, and a situation will never change. Many people do not like it when someone expresses themselves in a negative way, because many people are not open to examining their own behavior or willing to better themselves.

Any type of communication whether that be through words or body language or anything else, is going to be slightly distorted due to each person’s own unique perception that has been built through a lifetime of unique experiences. Everything you put out there should be as clear and direct as possible.

The reason why we have been taught to suppress how we feel (either positive or negative) is because it causes an uncomfortable shift in yourself that you can only handle if you are open enough to accept a change of perspective. You have to be accepting of the fact that you are not always right, you have a lot of room for growth, and your belief system is flawed. If you cannot do these things then you will dismiss someone’s feelings, call them invalid, therefore diminish their sense of worth as a human being.

I expect genuineness from others, so if someone is being fake with me then that is going to lead to more chaos and confusion. I would never say someone is overreacting or being oversensitive because I understand how it is to feel things deeply and I also understand that truth is more constructive than being fake. I’m always trying to learn and seek clarity. It’s important we are all honest with each other and you can never take away someone’s truth, whether you like it or not.

Less trying, more being

In times of insecurity, we find ourselves trying too hard… all for what? Trying hard to impress someone who can’t be pleased, trying to force things and fake things, and so on. It’s too much of a fight and solves nothing. There’s no peace.

But I don’t know how to live this way. It’s a real struggle. I try not to put much pressure on others but it can’t compare to the pressure I put on myself.

Anyway, I’m just trying. I’m trying not to try. I’m trying to just be. But you can’t try to be. You have to just be.

It’s tough, but I can completely accept the fact that some people won’t like me because of the true person I am. However I cannot accept someone disliking me for a false persona that comes from trying too hard, overthinking, worrying, and not staying grounded enough.

It’s about having faith in the universe, trusting it, and believing in yourself.

Saving face or saving grace?

So often politeness is used as an excuse to be hurtful. I have subconsciously done it a handful of times but hope to never do it again. Politeness is a difficult art to master and only constructive if used correctly. Otherwise, it can be extremely destructive in such a subtle way.

To be polite means to show respect, yet so often we confuse genuine civility with putting on a front for personal gains. It takes strength to set aside your personal issues with someone in exchange for acknowledgment that everyone is facing challenges behind the scenes that we know nothing about. However, this is easily twisted into “saving face” and trying to make your ego look good in a situation that may be emotionally triggering.

Politeness is a social construct our society has developed in order to maintain peace and therefore be civilized. But this is such an illusion. A society that suppresses internal conflict in order to appear externally harmonious — is that true progress? The conflict is still there — it’s just hidden.

It’s no wonder that so many people are disillusioned — because nobody wants to speak the truth. Nobody wants to risk their ego for true soul growth. Nobody wants to look like the “bad guy” even though they know deep in their heart that they are doing the right thing.

When you are cleaning up a mess, you have to get dirty before you get clean. When you are organizing a space, you have to make a mess before you sort through it. If unpleasant things are coming to the surface then that’s when you know that the healing process has truly begun.

Respect is a complicated thing and it’s not as black-and-white as simply being polite. No, that’s more like putting a band-aid on a broken leg. Sticking up for yourself may not be socially acceptable, but if you are able to rise above your ego, then you experience soul growth and healing — for you, and also for everyone who surrounds you and absorbs your light.

Be yourself

We have all gone through times when we lose ourselves. When we try so hard to impress someone that we end up doing the opposite. Because if somebody actually likes you then they will appreciate you for who you are. And you need to be yourself. But this is easy to forget.

Sometimes it’s a really great thing to lose yourself because it makes you truly understand the person who you actually are. You may be fighting hard for something that you don’t even want. Exhausting yourself and not getting any energy back in return.

When you finally do come back to yourself, things make more sense. During childhood when you felt pressured to change yourself and struggle with it, you eventually realize that there was a good reason you were built the way you were. And all your “flaws” people tried to tell you that you had, were actually your greatest threats to them.

Theres so much pressure to please others. We go out of our way to make someone happy, who doesnt even care. And then the people who do care — you take it for granted and take all that stress out on them. One day they will be gone and may never realize how much they meant to you.

Getting too tied up in other people’s energies gives me brain fog. I lose clarity and focus — which is really the exact opposite of who I am. It’s not selfish to pull yourself back or set boundaries. We all need space to recharge — some more than others.

People will get offended when you draw lines. And while that anger may be a valid emotion, it should not be used in a manipulative way to repair your bruised ego. We have all had moments when we crossed someone’s line and let that be a lesson for anyone else who tries to do that to you.

Everyone makes mistakes but not everyone can learn from them. I don’t think it’s ever too late to start over. Also I don’t think there is a limit for how many times you start over. Whenever you are feeling hopelessly stuck, it is the time to make purposeful changes. If you want to see a change in your environment then you have to start with changing from within.

And all of these “changes” are actually the things that bring you back to your sense of self. It was the person you have been all along, before everyone else told you who you needed to be. It is in your core and will never be truly lost.

You need to be the person you are meant to be. It will offend a lot of people — the ones who don’t care, the ones who judge and critique, the ones who wish they had courage to be themselves. But it will open your eyes to who actually matters.

So many people just want things from you. Whether it be emotional energy such as constant validation or ego strokes, or physical energy such as your time or money. It’s not okay to keep giving these things with nothing in return. You don’t owe anyone anything, which may be hard for some to accept, but we have all been on both sides of the spectrum. We know it’s immediately hurtful when people draw lines, but in the long term it leads to respect.

It’s uncomfortable to stand your ground which is why so many choose not to. It takes work to open up your eyes and see your surroundings for what they are. This is what it means to turn off autopilot and expand your awareness. When you sleep through your life, you let the wrong people take from you and you don’t give enough to the ones who genuinely deserve it. Are you just satisfying people’s egos or are you telling them to wake up and see their own souls? There are times when you need to put your own ego at risk of looking bad in order to truly cultivate soul growth, which is exactly what this planet needs.

I am writing this for myself because I need to remind myself. It’s so easy to forget. But I hope that anyone else can understand. If you ever feel stuck then that’s how you know you’ve fallen into a habit of making solely subconscious decisions. We underestimate how much we are controlled by our subconscious and therefore sabatoge ourselves.

If you want to have awareness then you are going to need enough energy to keep your eyes open. I’m not talking about chugging caffeine to make it through the day. I’m talking about the type of energy that comes from your heart, the things that excite you and give you life. Surrounding yourself with people who respect you. If you want to figure out who cares, it’s not those who say it through words — but through little details that you can only pick up on if you care enough.

We all have to make it through the mundane. So when I am talking about excitement, it does not necessarily refer to a flashy and glamorous lifestyle. Life is a heavy thing and all of that Hollywood big city glamour is a distraction and cannot compare to the satisfaction of excitement that bubbles from deep within the soul.

And so, I remind myself that truth is the way. My indecisiveness disappears as I become aware of my surroundings and my own self.

I just set up an appointment to fix my car, all by myself, and I thought I would sound like an idiot because I don’t really know anything about cars but I ended up sounding great like I actually knew what I was talking about. It’s a really small thing and it shouldn’t have been my first time but I’m so proud because I didn’t think I could handle it for some reason. I need to do more of these things and prove to myself that I really can do so much on my own — it feels uplifting and empowering.