Health update #3 ~ pushing forward

Yet another health update, which I will be most likely doing a lot more of. I would like to title these updates something like "RA journey" or "autoimmune update" or something along those lines... which I hesitate to do at this point. Although, I am still very sure that I am dealing with RA. As [...]

100k site views! 🎉

100k site views! 🎉

Today, I recieved this notification that my blog/website has reached over 100,000 views total! This number does not include those who have their cookies turned off, or those who view my posts on WordPress reader, or who view same pages multiple times -- there are many factors that prevent counting full and accurate view counts. [...]

Crystal Aura Update

Crystal Aura Update

Hi everyone! My astrology/tarot blog (Crystal Aura) has some exciting new updates! I am going to be publishing personalized monthly horoscopes now! These are twelve different forecasts intended for your own specific zodiac sign! Along with this, I will continue posting generalized weekly horoscopes. Plus, I am also going to be publishing mini personalized monthly [...]

A small change

Hi everyone, hope you are all doing okay! To be honest, I've been feeling a little frustrated lately with blogging. I've been wanting to see more growth and at a faster speed. I hope I can say that without sounding ungrateful for all the growth I've made so far. And maybe my expectations are set [...]


I'm going to continue posting this week, but next week posts will be put on pause from Jan 11-17. My mom is moving into a healthcare facility home next week. I'm following protocols to see her, I will be taking a COVID test, and I will not have to quarantine as long as it's negative. [...]

Full-time blogger

I have decided that, writing is really fulfilling for me and so I'm committing to being a full-time blogger. That means I want to spend 40 hours a week on blogging. That includes writing, planning, configuration, networking, and so on. Of course I still need my day job to pay the bills. I'm content with [...]