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Top 25 Romantic & Sensual Lana Del Rey songs

Lana Del Rey is not only queen of darkness and sadness, but also goddess of romance and sensuality. I decided to take a look at her top 25 most romantic and sensual songs. Remember, we’re looking for 50% romance and 50% sensuality. Here we go… 25. West Coast (Ultraviolence) “Down on the west coast, they

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Secret garden

They meet at the secret garden A luscious lawn of vibrant green Fluffy clouds embellish the sky Hazy feelings, like a dream. Voluptuous and curvaceous She floats to him so gracious There he stands like a soldier Muscles sturdy like a boulder Alluring auras Drawn to each other L e s s e n i

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Mystery Monday ~ Vampires

Vampires are entities that require feeding on human blood or psychic energy in order to survive. The common myth is that anyone who is bitten by a vampire also becomes one. Vampires are immortal and cannot die in typical ways. They can only be destroyed by garlic, fire, and exposure to sunlight. The very first

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