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Murder Scene


The detective enters the room

and instantly senses an aura of gloom.

Splashes of crimson red

across the room, it’s spread

all over the walls and floor.

He searches closer for more.

There is no body here,

yet the evidence is clear.

In the center of the room: a chair

He circles around it with a piercing stare

Coiled around it are heavy chains and handcuffs

Furrowing his eyebrows in disgust

Continuing to further explore

JUMPS when he hears a knock on the door

coming from the closet, he sees

doorknob is rattling, now he’s weak in the knees

“HELP!” a woman’s voice shrieks

The door swings wide open, and what does he see?

A skeleton hangs, flesh melted to the ground

A hand reaches and takes the detective down.

Thin Line

There’s a thin line between love and hate

between purpose and mistake

between randomness and fate.

There’s a thin line between fear and desire

between lower and higher

between water and fire.

Like a balance beam, I walk the line

seeing the similarity of both sides.

Blurred it becomes and I must admit

that this thin line does not truly exist.

Laughter & Smiles

What is laughter?

But a nervous reaction

To uncomfortable feelings

Lit with passion

Listen closely

To the outbreak of madness

For, laughter indeed

Is an expression of sadness

What is a smile?

But an awkward tug

At sweeping unpleasantness

Under the rug

Look a little closer

At the lips so black and blue

For, smiles indeed

Are used to band-aid the bruise

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The Energy

Some things cannot be put in words

So strong that it physically hurts

You keep on making it worse

With your burns, burns

The energy

The voice I need, the choice I see

The energy

No friend to me, stuck in between

The energy

Do you ever let it consume you? Nah…

Would you ever let it fool you? Yah…

What you see and hear cannot compare

To what you feel

What you taste and touch almost takes you there

But it’s not what you feel

You feel the energy

A symphony of all you believe

You feel the energy

It sings to me, and then I freeze

It’s like a cold rush, standing on a mountain top

Leaning over the edge, waiting to drop

Just take me there, I beg you to take me there

I swear, I swear, you’ll never take me there


The world paints their faces as happy clowns

you proudly flaunt your smoldering frown

chip on your shoulder and heart on your sleeve

resentful and skeptical of everything you see

steam out the ears when you’re getting so hot

and if it’s your passion then you give it all you got

but if it’s safe and square then you don’t give a damn

you make your own rules and follow your own plan