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Dark Cloud

Colors of the rainbow made me uncomfortable

All the bright pastels were so unsettling to me.

The black and dark grey brought a sense peace

I felt more at home, like I could finally breathe.

The sunny day made me want to stay inside

Light kept pouring in, so I had to close the blinds.

The dark and stormy night of heavy, pouring rain

made me feel like the universe understands my pain.

Tips for unnatural hair-dying

If you have been wanting to dye your hair an unnatural color (aka add a little rainbow to your hair) then there are a few things you might want to know beforehand.

Choosing your color(s)…

  • It’s best to start with one or two colors.
  • Pick your favorite color, a color you would be happy to see every day.
  • If you really can’t decide, think of something that goes with your eyes or your wardrobe.
  • Start with a bright color. Pastels are pretty, but very hard to do. I first tried doing my hair pastel pink but it was so light that it didn’t show.

The dying process…

  • Bleach your hair beforehand, making it as light as possible. It will not really show with anything darker than brown hair.
  • It’s fun and easy to dye it all by yourself. It’s also a lot cheaper. Or you can always have a friend come and help you with it.
  • If you are really concerned about making it look perfect then go to a professional.

Keeping it up…

  • Most of the color will typically wash out after six weeks. It also could fade significantly after just two weeks.
  • To make it last, avoid washing your hair or even getting it wet. You can either shower less frequently, take baths instead, or use a shower cap. When washing, use cold or lukewarm water. Also, you can find shampoos and conditioners that specialize in keeping color strong.
  • Hair dying is a damaging process, so keep it healthy. Wait at least six weeks in between dying jobs. Try to go for longer breaks here and there. Use natural oils and hair masks to keep it moisturized. Brush hair frequently. Trim ends about every six weeks or so.
  • Everyone will have a different reaction, some will really love it and some will probably hate it. Out in public, people might stare. Children will stare at you shamelessly. It’s okay, just keep doing your thing.

Rainbow hair!

I dyed my hair rainbow! I ordered the kit from Arctic Fox and colored it myself. Now I can finally say that I have tried every single color!

The process was simple. I have wanted rainbow hair for a while but always assumed I’d need a professional to do it. I was browsing Arctic Fox for a new color and when I saw there was a limited edition rainbow kit sale I knew I had to just go for it. I started with my roots and used one dye at a time, with many glove changes in between.

Stay trippy!

Clear Skies

Don’t wanna talk to anyone, if I can’t talk to you

Don’t wanna see a rainbow, if there is no blue

I’ve been knocking on too many doors

Carrying me away like the shore

But you’re the only one I actually trust here

and I have to make that clear.

Dreams of a tropical island with coconut trees

A sun shining so bright and a misty breeze

You’ve been knocking on too many doors

Getting carried away like the shore

But I’m the only one you should trust here

and I have to make that clear.

Fairy of Spring

The fairy of Spring walks down a garden path because she does not yet know how to fly. Seedlings that have been planted are now just beginning to sprout, revealing themselves. It is the start of new growth — and in order to grow, there must be care, nurturing, and patience involved.

New beginnings are uncomfortable because they require radical change. Yet before a bird can leave its nest, its comfort zone, it must go through an incubation process. It must feel strong before it can fly away.

The birds are chirping frivolously as the fairy of Spring makes her way through the wilderness. It is not long before she stumbles upon crossroads. There are many different turns she could take. Her heart is clouded by the pain of others and she perceives why she cannot fly: the pressure is weighing her down.

Some paths are darker than others. Some paths look safe, yet not as colorful as the other paths. Some paths are full of prickly thorns — yet they will eventually turn to roses if she were to push through. Some paths have dead ends while other paths will have her walking in circles.

While the fairy of Winter is able to hide away from the world in a deep sleep, the fairy of Spring calls for action and presence. Her and the birds embark down a path that they are instinctually called to.

“I come bringing sunshine and warmth,” she announces to the world, “after a long period of rest and reflection.” And she continues, “however I also come with thunderstorms, pouring rain, and gusts of wind… this is necessary in order to create change for the better… and soon you will see a rainbow.”