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Dark Cloud

Colors of the rainbow made me uncomfortable

All the bright pastels were so unsettling to me.

The black and dark grey brought a sense peace

I felt more at home, like I could finally breathe.

The sunny day made me want to stay inside

Light kept pouring in, so I had to close the blinds.

The dark and stormy night of heavy, pouring rain

made me feel like the universe understands my pain.

Fairy of Spring

The fairy of Spring walks down a garden path because she does not yet know how to fly. Seedlings that have been planted are now just beginning to sprout, revealing themselves. It is the start of new growth — and in order to grow, there must be care, nurturing, and patience involved.

New beginnings are uncomfortable because they require radical change. Yet before a bird can leave its nest, its comfort zone, it must go through an incubation process. It must feel strong before it can fly away.

The birds are chirping frivolously as the fairy of Spring makes her way through the wilderness. It is not long before she stumbles upon crossroads. There are many different turns she could take. Her heart is clouded by the pain of others and she perceives why she cannot fly: the pressure is weighing her down.

Some paths are darker than others. Some paths look safe, yet not as colorful as the other paths. Some paths are full of prickly thorns — yet they will eventually turn to roses if she were to push through. Some paths have dead ends while other paths will have her walking in circles.

While the fairy of Winter is able to hide away from the world in a deep sleep, the fairy of Spring calls for action and presence. Her and the birds embark down a path that they are instinctually called to.

“I come bringing sunshine and warmth,” she announces to the world, “after a long period of rest and reflection.” And she continues, “however I also come with thunderstorms, pouring rain, and gusts of wind… this is necessary in order to create change for the better… and soon you will see a rainbow.”

Walk in the rain

Today I went for a walk in the rain.

It’s time to pause. While rushing or impatiently waiting for the future, we miss out on the present. Live in the moment before it slips away.

I am standing on my own two feet (metaphorically — literally, I am laying on my couch). I am not making any impulsive or rash decisions, yet gradually drifting towards my destiny in a stable manner. Anything that happens too quickly is sure to fade just as quickly. Nobody likes regret.

P.S. I found a snake…