You're my favorite person to ever exist You radiate the sunshine's kiss When I close my eyes and see what I miss I swear I can feel you right on my lips. I was hiding behind my body So that you could not see my soul Let my heart beat faster as the sun shines [...]

Too Long

It’s been too long since I touched your handsince I bumped your fistcause I could not resist. It’s been too long since you placed your handon my shoulder, when I wasn’t sureif you really wanted more It’s been too long since we met our handsin an embrace of ecstasyand now it’s only fantasy It’s been [...]

haunt me

haunt me

Everyone's living with ghosts Everyone's living with demons They're all trying to block out the noise of all of the things that they're feeling. What's gonna haunt me more? The things I never did, or the things I've done? What's gonna haunt me more? Hiding in shelter, or a life on the run? No one [...]