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Graveyard Walk

Take a graveyard walk down memory lane

See all I had to lose, in order to ever gain

See the broken bones and the lifeless hearts

See the sacrifices made, in search of a new start

This tombstone here is so special to me

Lay down roses and imagine what could be

Lay down letters that will never be returned

Lay down sage, light a match and let it burn

The ghosts wander waiting and listening for prayers

Tell them all my secrets I am willing to share

Tell them scary stories about my own waking life

Tell them there is better reason to fear the day, than to fear the night.


The world paints their faces as happy clowns

you proudly flaunt your smoldering frown

chip on your shoulder and heart on your sleeve

resentful and skeptical of everything you see

steam out the ears when you’re getting so hot

and if it’s your passion then you give it all you got

but if it’s safe and square then you don’t give a damn

you make your own rules and follow your own plan

Speak Now

I could always dance in front of a crowd
I could always sing to them so loud
But I always seem to shut down
When I try to speak

I can speak with my body, my face, my eyes
I can speak with laughter, speak with smiles
I can write out the words, so swiftly with ease
Yet the mouth cannot speak

I grew up and grew sick of all of the mocking
Adapted to a world that cannot stop talking
Disguised myself now as a social elite
But social anxiety will forever be my defeat

People come up to me asking for favors
Taking advantage of my quiet nature
They want someone who listens, it’s so unfair
Cause I know they’re mooching, I know they don’t really care

Yet when there’s someone I’d like to talk to most
I plan out the words but then I lose my voice
You can misunderstand me, like I’m not even trying
When you misunderstand me, I feel like I’m dying

Clear Skies

Don’t wanna talk to anyone, if I can’t talk to you

Don’t wanna see a rainbow, if there is no blue

I’ve been knocking on too many doors

Carrying me away like the shore

But you’re the only one I actually trust here

and I have to make that clear.

Dreams of a tropical island with coconut trees

A sun shining so bright and a misty breeze

You’ve been knocking on too many doors

Getting carried away like the shore

But I’m the only one you should trust here

and I have to make that clear.