Poetry blog

Hi, I've created a poetry blog that I would like to share. https://lotuspoems.wordpress.com I uploaded many poems that I had saved on my phone. It goes back pretty far to almost two years ago, up to as recent as a few weeks ago. It should be in order starting from the first post at the [...]

I left instagram

Instagram, It's been a great run but I'm done now. It was fun being able to express myself through photography and try being a model for a little while. It was nice being in contact with friends and family and seeing what people are up to. But I can't do it right now. This is [...]

Full moon

Full moon

I am so overwhelmed... in a good way! Today, I got the keys to my new apartment! And there was a crazy surprise!!! They said there was a last minute change with my address, so I would be in a different building. When I got there, they told me I have a 2-BEDROOM apartment, but [...]