LOVE ~ a short story

When him & I got together, there were many reactions… People were angry. People were judgmental. And people gossiped. I knew that deep down, it was either because they were envious or could not understand. Envious, that two people could have so much passion for each other. Envious of all we had to risk in [...]



The world paints their faces as happy clowns you proudly flaunt your smoldering frown chip on your shoulder and heart on your sleeve resentful and skeptical of everything you see steam out the ears when you’re getting so hot and if it’s your passion then you give it all you got but if it’s safe [...]

Addicted To Writing

Addicted To Writing

You suck me back in, just when I thought I was done. You are my greatest struggle, yet also passionate fun. I shut down my laptop and try to walk away but you keep on calling like a child who wants to play. My fingers keep moving, my brain keeps buzzing like a broken heart [...]

Sacred Sacrifice

For every moment of bliss, a series of sacrifices were made in order to blaze the trail of abundance. For example, think about the food you put in your mouth -- the long journey it took to get there, the labor, the environmental impacts, and so on. Sacrifice is what cultivates the sacred. Every person, [...]

Three of swords

Red is my face, When I'm blushing, so flattered, full of passion. Red is my face When I'm fuming, so hurt, full of anger. Red is my face When I'm guilty, so embarrassed, full of shame. These feelings penetrate through my heart like three swords.


Hidden underneath all the mundane Is fire that has been waiting to escape It can't be controlled, it can only get stronger And it's going to burn those who can't wait any longer So follow your passion and soak up the heat Or stay out in the cold and accept a defeat There's nothing more [...]