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Dark Cloud

Colors of the rainbow made me uncomfortable

All the bright pastels were so unsettling to me.

The black and dark grey brought a sense peace

I felt more at home, like I could finally breathe.

The sunny day made me want to stay inside

Light kept pouring in, so I had to close the blinds.

The dark and stormy night of heavy, pouring rain

made me feel like the universe understands my pain.

Beauty of pain & freedom of choice

I see the beauty in everything. To romanticize pain is not necessarily an unhealthy thing. Seeking inspiration from a draining situation is possibly the best way we can cope with our troubles. The beauty of pain is that it motivates us to make changes that are scary because they force us out of our comfort zone. In order to take control, you need to feel okay with feeling out of control. I felt stuck and then realized I am the one who holds the key to my chains. Still, I have so much to think about and figure out. This is only the beginning. All I know is that feeling stuck is a choice we make, and fear is the excuse. I have been a coward for so long and I am ready to begin feeling brave. It’s time to finally figure out what is right for me.