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The snake is coiled in his nest A deep slumber, a peaceful rest. Then suddenly, noises in the air Opens his eyes to see what’s out there Lifts its head to take a peak Coming out of a long retreat. From the boulder it protrudes Extending itself outward and through Slithering slowly along the land

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Secret garden

They meet at the secret garden A luscious lawn of vibrant green Fluffy clouds embellish the sky Hazy feelings, like a dream. Voluptuous and curvaceous She floats to him so gracious There he stands like a soldier Muscles sturdy like a boulder Alluring auras Drawn to each other L e s s e n i

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Caturday ~ backyard adventure

I’m in NY this weekend at my parents’ house, and I brought Venus! We are headed to NYC this evening to see Jerry Seinfeld standup. Her and Norman will have the house to themselves tonight. I let Venus free roam around the backyard for a little bit since she doesn’t get much outdoor time lately.

Into the forest

Down the road, you walked away There was nothing I could do to make you stay Into the forest, blending into the trees Long goneโ€ฆ vanishedโ€ฆ or so it seems I found you in music, found you in books Found you in stories with clever hooks Into the forest, I felt a cold breeze Long

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