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Flow Friday ~ “No Regrets”

“No regrets” does not necessarily mean that you would repeat the same exact choices you made in the past. In fact, you can be regret-less and still do something differently if given the chance.

The difference is this: you’ve accepted the fact that you cannot go back in time and change things that have already been done. And you are at peace with that. You no longer hold a grudge.

What “no regrets” means is, moving forward, you will choose differently. You will take your lessons from the past and utilize them. You can’t change the past, however you can most certainly change the future.

As frustrating as it is, some lessons must be learned the hard way, or else they never stick. Sometimes the pain is absolutely necessary. And it takes feeling someone else’s pain to understand the pain you have caused.

It takes time and space to be able to see yourself from an outsider’s perspective. And when you do this, you can see where you went wrong.

If you get so caught up in trying to change the past, you will feel powerless. That feeling of powerlessness will crush your self-esteem and therefore cause you to continue making negative choices.

You have to accept everything before you can find clarity. And when you find clarity, it brings back your power, and your confidence to follow your heart and remain true to yourself.

Strength through failure

I don’t always take my own advice. Sometimes I feel like I am being tested by the universe itself. And it’s so exhausting that I end up letting my guard down. In the end, I feel untrue to myself.

I remind myself that there is no such thing as a straightforward path. Even when you’re traveling upwards, there will be a few slopes. But the slopes are not important, what matters is the general direction.

I believe that as soon as you proclaim something to the universe, you will be set up with traps, to test you. They are not meant to drive you insane, but to strengthen your vision. Getting through these traps, you realize how easy it actually is to follow your heart!

Yet one moment of tiredness or lack of defense, and I fail my tests. I’m left with frustration and discouragement. Now I have become a liar of my own word — to myself, to anyone else, to the universe.

So there is my opportunity to just give up. And it’s so tempting. But this is yet another test. I am not over until I say I am over. I need this pain of failure — to keep my eyes open, to stay conscious, and never let my guard down even for a second.

Tentative Nature

Peace of mind has always seemed so vital to me

Yet this fixation is what causes so much anxiety

My disgust towards flawlessness is a direct reflection

of a deep-rooted and unconscious need for perfection

Constantly fearing that you will make a mistake

is the biggest mistake that anyone could ever make

A world full of choices, cannot decide which one to take

Overthinking and only focusing on what’s at stake

Instead, I should turn my attention to what I could gain

Incomprehensible opportunities are calling my name

The universe supports us when we follow our heart

It is not a loss — when you must go back to the start

Taking a leap while keeping one foot on the ground

really knocked me out and tumbled me around

It’s extremely dangerous, how cautious I can be

What makes me so reckless is my viligant personality

Such a tentative nature results in constant apprehension

avoiding precarious paths leads to total lack of direction

I have made choices that put me through Hell, hurt me so bad

but they are not regrets, I’m actually so thankful that I had

because they also put me through Heaven, life is a paradox

pleasure and pain are one in the same; nothing is gained if nothing is lost

when the sun finally sets on my life and my living days are done

the only regrets I will actually have, were the things that made me feel numb.