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Graveyard Walk

Take a graveyard walk down memory lane

See all I had to lose, in order to ever gain

See the broken bones and the lifeless hearts

See the sacrifices made, in search of a new start

This tombstone here is so special to me

Lay down roses and imagine what could be

Lay down letters that will never be returned

Lay down sage, light a match and let it burn

The ghosts wander waiting and listening for prayers

Tell them all my secrets I am willing to share

Tell them scary stories about my own waking life

Tell them there is better reason to fear the day, than to fear the night.

Throwback Thursday ~ Autumn Memories

I was trying to brainstorm what I would write for this week’s Throwback Thursday, and coincidentally my old high school buddy, Sam, sent me these ancient pictures of us!

This is us from a senior year class trip to upstate NY where we went on a beautifully strenuous hike. Everyone else was rushing ahead while our group was the slowest because we were taking in the views. I can’t believe how many years it’s been; it feels like just yesterday.

This is us junior year, for my sweet sixteen! We went to Woodloch Pines (where I recently visited with my sister, last spring!) It was a small group of close friends. Good time had by all!

And this is us freshmen year! We were babies! It was at a football game back. We have always bonded over our love of Autumn! Actually, all three photos are from the fall season!

Throwback Thursday ~ my first cat

I was so upset when my dad’s cat, Fashia, passed away. Then about a year or two later, for my ninth birthday, I adopted a kitten and named him Buttermilk — his fur being the color of pancakes. It was the best birthday present ever.

He was so sweet, very active, playful, skittish, and extremely curious. He spent a lot of time outdoors, running around — this made him pretty buff. While most cats spend their days sleeping and eating, he was always on the move.

As a child, I would spend a lot of my free time playing outdoors: shooting hoops or kicking around a soccer ball. Most of the time I had no idea where he was because he was always hiding. But after being outside for no more than five minutes or so, he’d suddenly appear! And he’d be in the corner watching me — it was so cute! Then I would go to pet him, and he’d run away.

He always shied away from people, he hated large crowds and loud noises. But most nights he would come into my bed and cuddle. He was absolutely adorable!