I'm so delusional, that I understand... So out of touch, that it's all in my hand. They don't like me because I break the rules, I challenge the system and they call me a fool. I know no evil, my heart is not hollow I just can't understand the social contracts we follow. I'll get [...]



Fire in the body and water in the soul breaking free from my chains has always been the goal there's something in this dead world that makes me feel alive it's absolutely terrifying, but I'm so ready to dive and if I fall, it was still worth it all, no matter the bruise letting go [...]

Can’t breathe

I flip back and forth between love and fear Between bold and cold, between cloudy and clear Open my mouth and nothing comes out But inside you can hear screams and shouts Wanted to say more, but told myself you don't care Now I replay back every moment with despair I told you don't be [...]


Sitting and looking back in agony now all the misunderstandings that happened somehow opportunities I prayed for but too scared to really take only full of fear, when a dream came to my face I pulled back, rejecting the one thing I wanted most Angel knocked on my door and I just faded like a [...]


No one should ever try to "downgrade" themselves just because the people around them can't handle it. You should embrace who you are -- that's what they say, "accept your flaws, embrace your flaws." But what about your gifts? You should be allowed to embrace the positive aspects of yourself without feeling guilty about it. [...]


The universe can take me to places I never imagined before a little taste of heaven will keep me wanting more look into a person's eyes and you can see the stars look up at the sky and realize paradise isn't very far I'm stargazing and awe-struck by the sight in so much darkness, one [...]


Hidden underneath all the mundane Is fire that has been waiting to escape It can't be controlled, it can only get stronger And it's going to burn those who can't wait any longer So follow your passion and soak up the heat Or stay out in the cold and accept a defeat There's nothing more [...]

A balance of freedom

Freedom is important. But do we actually want to be free? We like to feel like we belong to certain people, places, and even situations. It gives us purpose, makes us feel needed. But then that sense of belonging can start to feel heavy on our shoulders. So much burden, so much responsibility, so much [...]