People are conditioned to be robots. We learn from an early age that we will be rewarded for hiding our frustrations or uncomfortable emotions. And so we do what we are told. It pleases others, because (not all, but many) people don't want the true company of real humans, they want machines who satisfy their [...]


Noble is the knight in shining armor Wearing his pride like a badge of honor Horsebackriding with his chest held high Conquering the world because he's blessed by the sky Admirable is his character, so virtuously kept Striving towards his destiny free of moral debt Compassion is his compass; it always leads the way Working [...]

Is it fair?

How do you make things fair, by letting everyone get their way? Fairness is impossible when we all want different ways. You can put yourself in someone else's shoes, but it's still your own feet. You can go down another person's path, but it's still your own car driving down their street.