The stars calling me

Ignorance is not bliss I need to know, need to know What is this? Is it real or, just for show? So I close my eyes Spread my wings towards the sky And I don't ask why I just try, try, try. May my patience persist May my passion bleed May my path be guided [...]

Inner child 😇💖

Keep your inner child alive Don't let it die It's hiding inside Beneath the layers of fright. As you grow, as you go on The world continues to tell you: you're wrong. They see your spirit soaring so high It makes them worry, to see you fly To see you dream, to see you wonder [...]

Wish Wednesday ~ faith is the catalyst

Wish Wednesday ~ faith is the catalyst

All the things you wish for will never be handed to you on a silver plate, begging for you to come out of hiding and feast. If you lock your door, it will remain closed. No one is going to open it for you -- they can't. You are the one with the key. You [...]

Tentative Nature

Peace of mind has always seemed so vital to me Yet this fixation is what causes so much anxiety My disgust towards flawlessness is a direct reflection of a deep-rooted and unconscious need for perfection Constantly fearing that you will make a mistake is the biggest mistake that anyone could ever make A world full [...]

What is fear

Fear is such a crazy thing because it can have so much control over a person. It holds us back from so many things we want to do or say. It is the greatest obstacle. When you finally push yourself to do something but the fear is still there, it will turn into disaster. If [...]