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The Mermaid Ball

It had almost been a year now since Fuchsia, the pink-haired mermaid had met The Captain. And she had never seen him again, since that one brief encounter. He made a promise to her that he would sail by these seas someday and at least wave hello, though he never did… Yet that did not stop him from flooding her head.

The Mermaid Ball was approaching — the biggest and hottest party for all mermaids, mermen, and other mystical sea creatures. This was the first year Fuchsia could attend, as she was finally of age. Her older sisters Amber and Turquoise had been before, meanwhile her younger sister Emerald still had to wait a couple more years.

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Friendship Appreciation

Yesterday was “National Best Friend Day,” and so I was inspired to write a lot about the value of friendship. These go out to old friends, new friends, current friends, ex-friends, and friends that I still haven’t met yet.

A “relationship” refers to the dynamic between two people who interact with one another. It does not necessarily imply romance, of course it can be completely platonic. You can still get your heart broken by a friend. You don’t have to be related to someone by blood or by law to care for them deeply, or feel hurt by them.

In fact, it is almost worse to be betrayed by a friend as opposed to a romantic partner. It is almost expected to feel hurt by a lover, you know, because all is fair in love and war. But to be betrayed by a friend feels like a cheap shot. It feels extremely unnecessary, like a personal attack. Friends are supposed to be an escape from all the drama that love comes with. So surely, friends can break your heart deeper than any ex-lover could.

Friendship is such a beautiful thing. I consider myself extremely introverted and even slightly anti-social. Yet still, I highly value deep connections we make in life. And they deserve to be appreciated.

It’s too easy to dislike people, or make enemies, or see the worst in someone. If you can see past someone’s flaws and are able to simply have good vibes with someone then that’s an awesome thing. There’s enough pain in the world and it’s nice to have people you can laugh with. You can be really cool with someone, yet sometimes the energy can get too strong or out of control, and then people overthink, and then uncool things happen. So just chill, avoid the bad vibes, and soak up those good vibes!