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Graveyard Walk

Take a graveyard walk down memory lane

See all I had to lose, in order to ever gain

See the broken bones and the lifeless hearts

See the sacrifices made, in search of a new start

This tombstone here is so special to me

Lay down roses and imagine what could be

Lay down letters that will never be returned

Lay down sage, light a match and let it burn

The ghosts wander waiting and listening for prayers

Tell them all my secrets I am willing to share

Tell them scary stories about my own waking life

Tell them there is better reason to fear the day, than to fear the night.

Wish Wednesday ~ my dream haunted house

I’ve already shown you my dream house; now it’s the perfect time of year to show you my dream haunted house. Be careful and don’t get spooked!

Here we go…

This is the living room, where we burn sage and talk to the dead. No need for TV — ghosts are much more entertaining!

This is the kitchen, where we boil frog legs and craft toxic potions.

Now make your way through the hallway and watch for the spiders…

Welcome to the master bedroom!

Many guestrooms to stay in, if you’re brave enough…

Or perhaps this guestroom is more your style?

Many bathrooms as well, like this one…

Or this one…

Here is my altar, where I cast spells and predict the future.

Of course a haunted house is incomplete without a black cat. Here’s where she chills — when she’s not chasing around ghost mice.

Thank you for visiting. Enjoy the backyard gazebo on your way out. Don’t worry if you hear screams coming from the woods, that’s normal!

*all pictures from Pinterest*

Murder Scene


The detective enters the room

and instantly senses an aura of gloom.

Splashes of crimson red

across the room, it’s spread

all over the walls and floor.

He searches closer for more.

There is no body here,

yet the evidence is clear.

In the center of the room: a chair

He circles around it with a piercing stare

Coiled around it are heavy chains and handcuffs

Furrowing his eyebrows in disgust

Continuing to further explore

JUMPS when he hears a knock on the door

coming from the closet, he sees

doorknob is rattling, now he’s weak in the knees

“HELP!” a woman’s voice shrieks

The door swings wide open, and what does he see?

A skeleton hangs, flesh melted to the ground

A hand reaches and takes the detective down.

21 SIMPLE and NON-CONFORMING ways to celebrate Halloween

You don’t have to be a child going trick-or-treating in order to celebrate Halloween. You don’t have to dress up and you don’t even have to go out. It’s annoying to feel the pressure of participating in these modern rituals such as getting a costume, decorating, trick-or-treating, going out to a party or bar hopping, etc. And sometimes you just don’t have the time or money to engage in the holiday.

Below, is a list of simple and non-conforming ways to celebrate Halloween. If you are sick of all the pumpkins, scary movie marathons, haunted houses, and all that other cliché stuff, then this list is for you. Each one is very basic and easy to do.

  1. Add garlic to your dinner – keep the vampires away.
  2. Watch a scary film – not your typical horror movie, but about something that scares you personally (like a documentary about insects.)
  3. Play a prank on someone and then “blame it on the fairies.” This is a real, ancient Halloween tradition.
  4. The night before Halloween, give someone you dislike a cabbage stump. This is a real, old Scottish tradition.
  5. Rub chalk on someone’s back and yell “Halloween!” This is a real, old Canadian tradition.
  6. Eat a kale salad or make kale chips — kale is connected to many ancient Halloween traditions.
  7. Get a tarot reading done, or simply look up your horoscope. The veil is at its thinnest!
  8. Burn sage.
  9. Make pancakes — an Irish tradition on All Souls’ Day. (Bonus points if you make them from scratch.)
  10. Pause and take a moment to think about your loved ones who have passed, and feel grateful for knowing them.
  11. Leave a plate of food out at night for the dead. (Another old tradition.)
  12. Bake soul cakes — an All Hallow’s Eve tradition.
  13. Search for a black cat and pet it for good luck. (The pet store or adoption center counts.)
  14. Easy craft: Pour red fruit juice into a glass jar and label it “Vampire Blood.” (Optional: embellish with stickers.)
  15. Listen to a murder mystery podcast.
  16. Drink vampire wine.
  17. Light a candle.
  18. Go to sleep under a white blanket and call yourself a ghost.
  19. Drink mugwort tea or yarrow tea — herbs that are connected to divination.
  20. Another easy craft: make a mask by taking a paper bag, cutting two holes for the eyes, and decorating it with markers, stickers, and glitter.
  21. Ask a question and flip a coin. Heads means “yes,” tails means “no.”