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Wish Wednesday ~ success is scarier than failure

The greatest reason we do not chase after our dreams is because they scare us. It may sound ironic and illogical, but it is entirely true. There are several reasons for this.

1. The only thing harder than reaching the top (whatever “the top” means for you — it’s different for everyone) is staying there. When you obtain something you desire, you risk the pain of losing it. But when you are at the bottom, you have nothing to lose.

The best way to handle this feeling is remembering that there is no such thing as “the top.” No human being is perfect and there will always be room for growth and improvement. Even if you fall down, you are still further than you would’ve been if you never tried.

2. It’s easier to lie to yourself and say, “if I really went after this, I could have it” and refuse to try, instead of chancing real rejection. Typically we feel like giving up just when we are moments away from achieving something.

Rethink the way that you see rejection. Instead, use the word “refocus” over “rejection” because that’s what it really is. No one has the power to end you. It is not about being denied, but being guided to change your focus. Letting go of a small opportunity could lead you to a much bigger and better opportunity.

3. We may not believe that we are worthy of our dreams. If you think you don’t deserve something then you won’t put your heart into it. You must be able to truly picture yourself having something before you can have it.

Look back and focus on your wins, not your losses. Think about all the things you take for granted now that your past self never had. Make an effort to visualize your goals and really feel them.

4. When you are happy and successful, you attract jealousy. You may be worried of people sabotaging you because you got what you wanted and they did not. Misery loves company — and if you’re feeling satisfied in life, you’re going to lose that company.

Stay humble and do not be a bragger. This should come naturally if you are following your heart rather than seeking validation. Encourage others, pep them up. However — sometimes no matter what you do, some people despise seeing you satisfied. If that’s the case then it’s time to rethink who you spend your time with.

Failure is comfortable, especially when it’s something you are so used to. You have to go deep inside to find that spark of hope. You have to go beyond the world of limitations.

Wish Wednesday ~ keep your goals to yourself

When it comes to setting goals for yourself and reaching your highest accomplishments, it’s always best to keep it on the private side.

You can certainly be somewhat public about it. A little bit of pressure is healthy. Such as, when I posted about my plans for writing every day, I knew that the expectation would keep me on track. It was helpful to receive support from others.

But if you are overly public about your goals, in very specific ways, it may be time to reevaluate what you are truly chasing after. Ask yourself — am I doing this for me, or for everyone else? Is this about feeling something inside of myself, or just trying to impress people?

So many of our goals are actually things we do not want for ourselves! Sometimes you reach a point in your life where you feel the need to convince everyone else you are doing fantastic. Think of it this way — if you were not allowed to share your accomplishments, would you still be proud of them? Or would you maybe do things differently?

Don’t surround yourself with people who make you feel like you need to compete with them. Instead, be with people who value honesty over perfection.

Do what makes you happy. Don’t do things for status, validation, or bragging rights. People are going to think what they want and its totally out of your control. So, do it for yourself.

Self-care Sunday ~ the soothing effect of pushing yourself

The best way to get ahead in life is gently and with ease. Rushing ahead is only going to make you burnout. We are fragile beings yet capable of so much.

To push someone else is draining, wasteful. We tend to push others because we are too scared or lazy to do something ourselves. –Telling them what to do or how to live.

To feel pushed by another is just as depleting. A great amount of ourselves is used trying to please others, compromise, and balance out conflicting energies. The expectations placed upon us feel heavy and weigh us down.

When you push your own self, you are actually getting somewhere. It can seem like a struggle, but essentially you are cradling your soul. Once you push past the human nature to rebel against yourself, you no longer feel like an enemy of yourself.

Don’t try to get things done by telling others what to do, and don’t let other people tell you what you need to be doing. There is a great imbalance of pushing and pulling in the world. If you do not create your own life, set your own goals, master your own intentions — you will inevitably be the person pushing others or getting pushed by others.

Day 29: what are your goals for the next 30 days?

  • I would like to keep up with my writing but going to take a break from another 30-day challenge for now! Hopefully I can continue to find inspiration.
  • I would like to continue focusing on self-care. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in daily chores, I need to prevent myself from burning out.
  • If I can get a lot of reading done in the next month, that would be great. Books are another fresh source of inspiration.
  • For anyone I am missing, I hope I can either work through that and get over it or find a way to get back in touch.

Goals & ideas for 2019


One of my greatest passions is writing, but it’s hard. It’s hard to stay inspired enough to keep up a blog. It’s even harder to be vulnerable and open enough to express myself in totally honest ways for the world to see — still that comes with a therapeutic rewards of releasing pent up energy. So it’s definitely something I want to keep up with. Going to try more 30-day challenges. My goal is not going more than a week without posting. Please contact me if you have any writing ideas.


I am always trying to read more books but I always end up getting halfway through something and then moving onto the next without finishing the previous one. I want to finish at least one book a month. And then hopefully write a good review about it, if it was worthwhile.

Clean sweep

This is really something I want to do before 2019 even begins, or at least get started with. I want to go through all my things and get rid of anything I don’t need. Clear out all the old energy of previous years.

Specifically I would like to discard all products with highly toxic ingredients, this mainly applies to beauty/hygienic products and cleaning supplies. I want to not only invest in more natural products, but also try more DIY concoctions.


I’m really trying to prioritize healthy eating on a budget. Going to give growing my own fruits and veggies another try (keep in mind I live in an apartment, not on a farm…), also purchasing them in frozen/powder/canned/juice/etc. form which saves a lot of money. Also, I want to do more cooking from scratch, as opposed to wasting money on expensive takeout or eating processed microwave meals.


I do a lot of yoga and stretching, a practice I want to continue expanding on. A few years back I started hula hooping — I’d really like to learn more tricks and buy myself a personalized hoop (something a little bigger and easier to use than the cute ones they sell at Walmart designed for children…). I have seen so many incredible hooping videos on Youtube! And music festivals are full of so many talented hoopers! And I also really want to get into ballet again because I really miss it!


Yet another passion of mine is photography, which I would like to do more of in 2019. I have a good camera that I lost a while ago, which I must find, I know it’s laying around here somewhere. Nature is my favorite place to take photos because it’s just so beautiful and always photo-ready. I enjoy taking pictures of myself, and it’s really not in a vanity way, it’s truly a way of expressing myself when I feel lost for words. Photos that I share of myself are not just something to look at, they have stories behind them, it’s supposed to be artwork.

Comment if you have any goals for 2019…