Grounds for sculpture

Grounds for sculpture

I spent the weekend with my friends Laura Sofia and Connie. Saturday, we went to a really trippy place called Grounds for Sculpture which is like a park and an art museum at the same time, but the art is very strange and random. It was so much fun. And then Gabby joined us later [...]

Summer Solstice

I spent this weekend with my friend Laura Sofia in NY. Unfortunately we had to miss the mermaid parade this year but there is always next year. It was still a great time and a wonderful way to welcome summer! She has two pet rats (Bender & Fry) and they are absolutely adorable! They are [...]

*An unlikely friendship*

It was the best type of friendship: an unlikely friendship. A kind of friendship that may make you wonder. It was two different aliens on two different planets from two different galaxies. He was a zany dork who made gross potty jokes and picked on people for laughs. She was awkward and childish like a [...]

Jordan’s birthday

Last weekend, we celebrated Jordan's birthday in NJ. Bree and I met Jordan at a hotel on Friday night and then Alex joined us the next day. Saturday morning, we had delicious NJ/NY style bagels... absolutely delicious. PA bagels are a joke! (But their donuts are better.) I also had a chai tea smoothie! That [...]