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Forbidden Knowledge (chapter 5)

Chapter 1 // Chapter 2 // Chapter 3 // Chapter 4 The night before Quade disappeared, he had been kidnapped on his way home from work. Stopped at a red light on a stranded back road, a group of people dressed in all black threw him out of his car, beat him up, and tossed

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Forbidden Knowledge (chapter 4)

Before we can move any further ahead, we need to back up… Alice was born in a castle, inherited by her great-great grandparents and passed on through generations. Her childhood was extremely sheltered, with overly protective parents who never granted her any freedom. She was homeschooled and never allowed to leave the house unless she

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Forbidden Knowledge (chapter 2)

There he was. Fear pulsed throughout Alice’s body and her mind started racing. She knew she was not supposed to be upstairs… but neither was he! He must have followed her, she decided. But why? Was he trying to get her in trouble? There were only two choices: remain hidden and attempt to sneak out

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