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Flow Friday ~ “No Regrets”

“No regrets” does not necessarily mean that you would repeat the same exact choices you made in the past. In fact, you can be regret-less and still do something differently if given the chance.

The difference is this: you’ve accepted the fact that you cannot go back in time and change things that have already been done. And you are at peace with that. You no longer hold a grudge.

What “no regrets” means is, moving forward, you will choose differently. You will take your lessons from the past and utilize them. You can’t change the past, however you can most certainly change the future.

As frustrating as it is, some lessons must be learned the hard way, or else they never stick. Sometimes the pain is absolutely necessary. And it takes feeling someone else’s pain to understand the pain you have caused.

It takes time and space to be able to see yourself from an outsider’s perspective. And when you do this, you can see where you went wrong.

If you get so caught up in trying to change the past, you will feel powerless. That feeling of powerlessness will crush your self-esteem and therefore cause you to continue making negative choices.

You have to accept everything before you can find clarity. And when you find clarity, it brings back your power, and your confidence to follow your heart and remain true to yourself.

Flow Friday ~ dreaming

Dreams are very mysterious and no one has yet to prove what they mean or why we have them. There are common theories and ways of interpretation, but still no concrete evidence.

Dreams are more than just a pile of random thoughts and memories smooshed together. They tell stories like a movie. They feel like real life, and most of the time in our dreams, we assume it’s real life without any doubt. They are far more complex than a simple fantasy; they can be exciting, traumatic, even mundane. It feels identical to waking life — just that the laws of physics are much different.

There are many benefits to remembering your dreams…

They can reveal a lot about your current hopes and fears. It also sheds light on your emotional state. Such as, a stressful dream represents a build up of stress in your waking life. Or, someone you have been missing pops up in your dreams.

If you keep track of your dreams, you may notice some patterns. There have been times when only looking back did I see how a dream predicted something that happened or told me information that I’d end up learning about later on.

How to remember your dreams:

  • Right before sleep, consciously tell yourself you are going to remember your dream.
  • Avoid drugs (medication, alcohol, caffeine) at least 1-3 hours before sleep.
  • Take melatonin — a non-drug sleep aid that will make your dreams more vivid.
  • As soon as you wake up, think about what you dreamt and nothing else. Otherwise, they say ~99% of dream recall is lost after the first minute or so.
  • Record your dreams in a journal — call it your “dream journal.”

Stay sleepy!