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Loyal to Sadness

Do you ever feel p o w e r l e s s ?

Like everything is j u s t a m e s s . . .

If everybody feels this way

Why doesn’t anyone act like it?

If everyone is feeling down

Why do they smile and never frown?

You may not know true happiness

But you also know nothing about true sadness.

Dive deep in

Show them how you feel


your sadness is not real.

How many times did you laugh today?

How many upbeat “hello’s” did you say?

You say you’re sad, but you ain’t.

“Feeling blue” is just a picture you paint.

You’re not sad

Don’t lie

You sleep with sadness on the side

Yet you hold hands with happiness for pride

You’re flirting with happiness in the light

Yet you dream of sadness every night.

You are not loyal to sadness

You do not deserve its deep blue depth.

You are not loyal to sadness

So don’t pretend to be upset.

You are not sad, you are not happy

Y o u a r e n o t h i n g

Y o u a r e p o w e r l e s s


You shined a light on me

Revealing what I could not see

Maybe I was dumb and naive

Or maybe I was calculated and spiteful

Honestly I’ll never know

I feel so exposed, exposed, exposed

You shined a light on my past

Even my childhood days

Revealing all the ways

All the chaos I’d create

Maybe I was a victim of prey

Or maybe I was dangling bait

Honestly I’ll never know

I feel so exposed, exposed, exposed

You shine a light on the future

Brightness upon a new path

It takes a while to make change last

Maybe you’ll disappear in time

Yet the light is always going to shine

One thing I know for sure

Is that we all must take responsibility

Even for the things we cannot see

Intention is irrelevant


Is not to be confused with ignorance

The Energy

Some things cannot be put in words

So strong that it physically hurts

You keep on making it worse

With your burns, burns

The energy

The voice I need, the choice I see

The energy

No friend to me, stuck in between

The energy

Do you ever let it consume you? Nah…

Would you ever let it fool you? Yah…

What you see and hear cannot compare

To what you feel

What you taste and touch almost takes you there

But it’s not what you feel

You feel the energy

A symphony of all you believe

You feel the energy

It sings to me, and then I freeze

It’s like a cold rush, standing on a mountain top

Leaning over the edge, waiting to drop

Just take me there, I beg you to take me there

I swear, I swear, you’ll never take me there


People are conditioned to be robots. We learn from an early age that we will be rewarded for hiding our frustrations or uncomfortable emotions. And so we do what we are told. It pleases others, because (not all, but many) people don’t want the true company of real humans, they want machines who satisfy their needs: someone to distract them from loneliness, to compliment them and stroke their egos, to help them out with their personal needs, etc.

So if you act like a robot — perfect, never too upset or too happy, just swallowing and suppressing everything that makes you human — then sure, you will get some short-term rewards. But you are suppressing the human spirit, not just on a personal level but on a global conscious level. You are disrespecting the sacred spirit that is here for experience and growth. You are feeding into the mechanical perspective of who we truly are. You are degrading not just yourself but every person who exists.

It takes a lot of strength and effort to demand respect. But if you dont demand it then no one will want to give it to you. Many like to pretend they respect others when they don’t even know how to respect themselves. If you feed into this narrative of humans being robots, you will continuously be walked on your whole life, no one will ever acknowledge your true emotions, and you will always feel alone. Yet if you can stand up for this war on consciousness and remind everyone that you are so much more than just a brain and a body, then that will take not just you, but the entire human species so much further than your ego ever could.

Self-care Sunday ~ NOT OK IS OK

It’s okay to say that it’s not okay.

It helps to take a step back and look at the big picture, see how our problems are tiny and irrelevant when you think about the planet, compared to the size of the sun, compared to the size of the solar system — the galaxy — the entire universe. But life is not lived through that point of view. We do not have a bird’s eye of the universe — just our incredibly limited perception. So it’s normal to feel like your problems are the size of the universe, because from your own perspective, that is entirely true.

Some say that “everything is meant to be,” that hardships happen for a reason, that negative experiences teach us great lessons. And I do believe in the accuracy of all those statements. However, I also believe that sometimes we do make wrong turns and sometimes a lack of protection and information leads to real danger.

I think it’s freeing to say, “you know what? Today sucks. Everything sucks. I hate everything.” Because then you can let it go, and maybe tomorrow will be better. Sometimes you need to let yourself fall apart. Otherwise, it’s like continuing to put icing on top of a stale cake. It’s not going to taste any better no matter how much you try to cover it up. Just restart and bake a new, fresh cake.