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Ladies, let go

The problem with girls is that we can be brats. We don’t want to work for anything and feel like the world owes us something. As little girls, we are catered to and adored because of childlike cuteness, and we learn to rely on this. Then we turn into princesses and we expect perfection not just from the world but also from ourselves.

In gym class, we never ran or got sweaty. On the playground, we never got dirt on our clothes or scrapes on our skin. In the fairytale books, we learned our role as the one who quietly and patiently waits for someone else to come to us.

We always hold back. We never try too hard. We are conditioned to wait… to expect… and to be disappointed. They told us we had to be perfect. They told us to never take control and yet never lose control.

Women are not programmed to live in their bodies the way that men are. We have to stay away from our bodies, cover them, hide them, be ashamed of them. So we chase after the perfect body that the media tells us to have, and we tell ourselves only after we have obtained an unrealistic image, are we safe to do so — which of course never happens because the perfect body does not exist.

Men can even make jokes about bodily functions and women are expected not to laugh but to get offended and embarrassed. We aren’t comfortable enough with our bodies to joke about them. We take it too seriously. That’s how we are conditioned.

We love to see men working out, sweating, pancing, faces turning red. And yet we won’t embrace this ourselves. Whatever the truth is, all women believe that no one (whether man or woman) wants to see us like that. There are female models who get surgery that stops their armpits from sweating because they are so repulsed by it.

Personally I like to work hard for something and I have always been this way. I like to put my blood, sweat, and tears into something before I earn it. I like to be challenged and second guess myself. But the world has always told me that I should sit and wait, to be perfect and expect perfection. So it’s a struggle between what I want verses what I think I want.

They profit from our struggle. Clothing shopping, makeup products, and hair dying are illusions of us living in our bodies. Instead of fully living in our bodies, we try to control them. We want to live in our bodies the same way men do, but we dont want to lose that control. We want to feel our bodies and make people notice our bodies without feeling vulnerable or going beyond our comfort zone.

More women than men struggle with eating disorders and dieting. Woman are more likely to obsess over the power of controlling their bodies. When our mind tells us to lose weight, and the body listens, it’s a high. And yet, men have a much easier time losing weight. Perhaps it’s because they listen to their bodies without viewing it as the enemy. They can eat intuitively rather than taking unrealistic measures that lead to starving and binging. Our bodies retaliate against our orders when we refuse to listen.

The mind is easily fooled but the body never lies. The body has infinite wisdom. Don’t feel disgusted by it. Listen to it, respect it, trust it, embrace it, and love it.

And never let yourself feel like a failure just because the world never fell at your feet. That’s not how life works. Prove yourself! This is why so many women are never satisfied, so uptight, so distant.

So I say, ladies, break the conditioning so you can live a happier and healthier life. I know it’s easier said than done. But you were born to live your life, not to be everyone’s doll.

Express your truth

It’s good to express yourself, because we’ve been taught to suppress everything we feel. You can’t expect someone to read your mind, otherwise they will never know and make false assumptions, and a situation will never change. Many people do not like it when someone expresses themselves in a negative way, because many people are not open to examining their own behavior or willing to better themselves.

Any type of communication whether that be through words or body language or anything else, is going to be slightly distorted due to each person’s own unique perception that has been built through a lifetime of unique experiences. Everything you put out there should be as clear and direct as possible.

The reason why we have been taught to suppress how we feel (either positive or negative) is because it causes an uncomfortable shift in yourself that you can only handle if you are open enough to accept a change of perspective. You have to be accepting of the fact that you are not always right, you have a lot of room for growth, and your belief system is flawed. If you cannot do these things then you will dismiss someone’s feelings, call them invalid, therefore diminish their sense of worth as a human being.

I expect genuineness from others, so if someone is being fake with me then that is going to lead to more chaos and confusion. I would never say someone is overreacting or being oversensitive because I understand how it is to feel things deeply and I also understand that truth is more constructive than being fake. I’m always trying to learn and seek clarity. It’s important we are all honest with each other and you can never take away someone’s truth, whether you like it or not.

Elements of the self

What is innocence?

It is the ground, the soil of the earth. It is the very beginning. It knows nothing: neither right nor wrong. Everything simply is. There is no knowledge, no prior experience to build a solid belief system. It is the fool. It will accept everything without question, refusal, or denial — absorbing it all like a sponge. Like the ground, it accepts both the nourishing rain and the polluting litter. It has no guard or defense mechanism. There is unsuspecting trust, blind optimism, and illogical hope. To be in the presence of innocence brings a sense of feeling accepted, unjudged, and able to let one’s guard down. Innocence is peaceful and calming: it will never test you or trick you into anything because it does not have the capacity to see any living creature in a negative light. It never seeks revenge because it has no developed concept of justice. There is a saintly need to protect innocence before painful experiences cause it to cease existing.

What is ambition?

It is the fire. It the determination to take action. It is a limitless energy, building upon itself and getting stronger with time. There is intense focus burning down a razor sharp path. Unlike innocence, ambition is completely knowledgable and fully aware of exactly what it wants. There is an unshakable, inner faith. A deep understanding of oneself sparks the confidence that pushes forth ambition. It seeks righteousness through passionate expression. Anyone who attempts to control it only adds more fuel to the fire. Such powerful energy is required for creation — yet in order to create, one must first destroy. Ambition is the driving force behind change. It is both extinction and renewal joined together to breed something new. Ambition is never fully satisfied with the present: fixated on the future and always thirsting for more. This energy exists on a supernatural plane because it is the process of manifestation which is just another word for “magic.”

What is expression?

It is the wind, the movement of the air. It is the product of shifting energies. It can whistle loudly and whisk through the trees, or be gentle like a soft breeze. It is clever and sharp-minded; while ambition may have full awareness of oneself, expression has full awareness of everyone, because it is everywhere (like the air we breathe.) It exists in an infinite amount of forms; it is ever-changing and can be perceived in an infinite amount of ways. It is the sharing of information representing one’s own personal truth. It flows through every being to form a chain. It travels from one person to the next, interconnecting one another. It is the exhaling of thoughts that the surrounding environment inhales. It is the community, the greater whole, the collective consciousness. It is the interactive web that holds every living creature together on a spiritual level, yet not at all visible to the physical eyes.

What is regeneration?

It is the water that washes away all impurities and removes all blockages. It is the rebirth of a new cycle, the finale before the next act, the ending before the new beginning. It is the forgiveness of the judgement day. It is the rebalancing of the scale. The heavy body becomes lighter while swimming in the ocean; gravity loses its affect. It breaks the chains of compulsion, habit, and anything else that one feels tied to. All that has been tainted is now purified. Deep introspection helps the mind become more fluid and shape itself into something fresh through new patterns of thought. Knowledge is disintegrated and ripped apart into pieces until completely dissolved. The past is forgotten and a space is created for new experiences that will give birth to a new belief system. This clears the way for innocence to be reclaimed once again.