Are you an “old soul” or a “new soul”?

Are you an “old soul” or a “new soul”?

An "old soul" is someone who has incarnated many, many lifetimes before this one. A "new soul" has much fewer past lives, and in some rare cases, this is their very first life. Knowing if your soul is old or young leads to more self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-understanding. It also helps to know if the [...]

Twin flame 🔥

Do we all have more than one soulmate… Yes! A "soulmate" is a person who we feel connected to beyond logical explanation. There is a familiar feeling when you meet them. Soulmates are our best friends, our family, even perhaps our worst enemies! They are people you have strong ties to. If you believe in [...]

The Energy

The Energy

Some things cannot be put in words So strong that it physically hurts You keep on making it worse With your burns, burns The energy The voice I need, the choice I see The energy No friend to me, stuck in between The energy Do you ever let it consume you? Nah… Would you ever [...]

Sacred Sacrifice

For every moment of bliss, a series of sacrifices were made in order to blaze the trail of abundance. For example, think about the food you put in your mouth -- the long journey it took to get there, the labor, the environmental impacts, and so on. Sacrifice is what cultivates the sacred. Every person, [...]

All-Encompassing Force

I like to observe love from afar like a scientist looking into a petri jar watch films, write stories all of its gore and all of its glory love is a virus and no one is sterile it even affects the feral more mysterious than death, more mysterious than birth it's been here all along, [...]

Indigo Ocean

Her name was Indigo Ocean. And these are the thoughts that ran through her head... I did not like the way she walked with her shoulders hanging heavy, or the way she talked with her voice nagging... the way that she needed to cling to others because she had no confidence on her own. I [...]