it was all a dream

it was all a dream

I must have been dreaming... can't really trust my head... I must have been fast asleep... but I wasn't laying in bed... I was floating on a cloud... that you blew my way... so hard I dropped to the ground... and here I hopelessly lay...

Wish upon a star

There was one, in the sky there was a sun radiating brightly until its lonely days were done. Then there were two, a planet and a moon revolving around, no matter what came through. And then there were three, stars reflecting in the sea you can wish upon, but some things are not meant to [...]


Sitting and looking back in agony now all the misunderstandings that happened somehow opportunities I prayed for but too scared to really take only full of fear, when a dream came to my face I pulled back, rejecting the one thing I wanted most Angel knocked on my door and I just faded like a [...]