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Wish Wednesday ~ my dream haunted house

I’ve already shown you my dream house; now it’s the perfect time of year to show you my dream haunted house. Be careful and don’t get spooked!

Here we go…

This is the living room, where we burn sage and talk to the dead. No need for TV — ghosts are much more entertaining!

This is the kitchen, where we boil frog legs and craft toxic potions.

Now make your way through the hallway and watch for the spiders…

Welcome to the master bedroom!

Many guestrooms to stay in, if you’re brave enough…

Or perhaps this guestroom is more your style?

Many bathrooms as well, like this one…

Or this one…

Here is my altar, where I cast spells and predict the future.

Of course a haunted house is incomplete without a black cat. Here’s where she chills — when she’s not chasing around ghost mice.

Thank you for visiting. Enjoy the backyard gazebo on your way out. Don’t worry if you hear screams coming from the woods, that’s normal!

*all pictures from Pinterest*

Wish Wednesday ~ success is scarier than failure

The greatest reason we do not chase after our dreams is because they scare us. It may sound ironic and illogical, but it is entirely true. There are several reasons for this.

1. The only thing harder than reaching the top (whatever “the top” means for you — it’s different for everyone) is staying there. When you obtain something you desire, you risk the pain of losing it. But when you are at the bottom, you have nothing to lose.

The best way to handle this feeling is remembering that there is no such thing as “the top.” No human being is perfect and there will always be room for growth and improvement. Even if you fall down, you are still further than you would’ve been if you never tried.

2. It’s easier to lie to yourself and say, “if I really went after this, I could have it” and refuse to try, instead of chancing real rejection. Typically we feel like giving up just when we are moments away from achieving something.

Rethink the way that you see rejection. Instead, use the word “refocus” over “rejection” because that’s what it really is. No one has the power to end you. It is not about being denied, but being guided to change your focus. Letting go of a small opportunity could lead you to a much bigger and better opportunity.

3. We may not believe that we are worthy of our dreams. If you think you don’t deserve something then you won’t put your heart into it. You must be able to truly picture yourself having something before you can have it.

Look back and focus on your wins, not your losses. Think about all the things you take for granted now that your past self never had. Make an effort to visualize your goals and really feel them.

4. When you are happy and successful, you attract jealousy. You may be worried of people sabotaging you because you got what you wanted and they did not. Misery loves company — and if you’re feeling satisfied in life, you’re going to lose that company.

Stay humble and do not be a bragger. This should come naturally if you are following your heart rather than seeking validation. Encourage others, pep them up. However — sometimes no matter what you do, some people despise seeing you satisfied. If that’s the case then it’s time to rethink who you spend your time with.

Failure is comfortable, especially when it’s something you are so used to. You have to go deep inside to find that spark of hope. You have to go beyond the world of limitations.


I dreamt that I was rushing, we were all rushing onto a plane

Rushing, rushing, rushing, so I would not miss that gate

No time for security check, straight on the plane we go

Should’ve double checked my bags, cause I left my ID at home.

So then we flew to another state, only after arrival did I see

That I would never be able to catch a flight back home without my ID

Then I cried, I cried buckets of tears, the crying would not stop

Because I knew I could never feel at home while my identity was lost.

Only when I was fast asleep could I let myself fully feel

Leaving yourself far behind and not knowing how to deal

All because I was rushing ahead to get somewhere I don’t belong

I need to spend more quality time with ME or else she will be gone.

Flow Friday ~ dreaming

Dreams are very mysterious and no one has yet to prove what they mean or why we have them. There are common theories and ways of interpretation, but still no concrete evidence.

Dreams are more than just a pile of random thoughts and memories smooshed together. They tell stories like a movie. They feel like real life, and most of the time in our dreams, we assume it’s real life without any doubt. They are far more complex than a simple fantasy; they can be exciting, traumatic, even mundane. It feels identical to waking life — just that the laws of physics are much different.

There are many benefits to remembering your dreams…

They can reveal a lot about your current hopes and fears. It also sheds light on your emotional state. Such as, a stressful dream represents a build up of stress in your waking life. Or, someone you have been missing pops up in your dreams.

If you keep track of your dreams, you may notice some patterns. There have been times when only looking back did I see how a dream predicted something that happened or told me information that I’d end up learning about later on.

How to remember your dreams:

  • Right before sleep, consciously tell yourself you are going to remember your dream.
  • Avoid drugs (medication, alcohol, caffeine) at least 1-3 hours before sleep.
  • Take melatonin — a non-drug sleep aid that will make your dreams more vivid.
  • As soon as you wake up, think about what you dreamt and nothing else. Otherwise, they say ~99% of dream recall is lost after the first minute or so.
  • Record your dreams in a journal — call it your “dream journal.”

Stay sleepy!

Wishful Wednesday ~ make a wish

Why do we wish?

The process of wishing is allowing our desires come to the surface of our minds while feeding it hope. It reflects who we are. It reveals what we feel is missing in our lives. It is a place where we have total freedom and control. It is a clue, a key, a gem…

Why do we stop wishing?

We grow older and build an accumulation of negative experiences that teach us not to wish. We suffer “reality checks” that hit like bricks. We become fed up with disappointment.

What’s the point of wishing?

If you let yourself wish and dream, you open your mind to new experiences and new ways of thinking. It’s easy to forget that our minds often are our greatest obstacles, and we are the ones getting in our own way. The disappointment only comes when you stop wishing.

Wishful Wednesday ~ my dream home

Welcome to my dream home! I live in a log cabin mansion. This is what it looks like from the outside:

There’s a back porch with a seating area…

Here is my kitchen…

It has an old-fashioned stove…

This is the living room area…

My bedroom with a breathtaking view…

and many other spare bedrooms…

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