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RISE UP! (a vent)

I feel like nobody takes anything or anyone seriously. Everything is just a joke. Don’t get me wrong because I think it’s important to have a big sense of humor and don’t take things personally… But I feel like no one really thinks about how fragile life is and how precious every single day is.

People basically float day to day without purpose or consciousness. Everyone plays the “innocent victim” card because they are too scared or too lazy to take control of their lives and responsibility for their actions.

There’s a lot of superficial thought, like “if you can’t see it, then it doesnt exist” mentality. People turn a blind eye to what makes them uncomfortable. But if people had more bravery then they could accomplish so much more.

This might not make sense at first because I am a big believer in freedom. But sometimes I do feel like people have… not “too much freedom”… but like, the wrong type of freedom. I think we are so overwhelmed with different choices that we end up giving our power to those who take advantage.

I think people are bored with their false sense of freedom. So much destruction happens due to shallow boredom. People gossip and form cliques because they are bored. They look for problems because they are bored. They need to pick on others in order to distract themselves from their own flaws. They have nothing better to do.

But there is SO MUCH out there! So many books waiting to be read, skills waiting to be learned. Even if you don’t do anything, you will still make better use of your time through mediation and deep introspection. Just sitting there and focusing on your breath is actually going to bring so much more accomplishment than gossiping or picking other people apart.

Drama is a great distraction from our higher selves. Drama is like junk food that our soul gobbles down when it’s craving vitamins and minerals. You will never, ever discover the deep truths of life if you are too caught up in petty drama.

If you want to continue being an innocent victim of your life who faces unfair struggles, don’t expect anything to change. You can change your wardrobe, hair, home, friends, but you will still fall into the same psychological patterns. Nothing is going to change until you start from within.

“If you stand for nothing, then you fall for everything.”

This quote presents great truth. Be conscious. Have character. Stand for something. Don’t let the world tell you who to be, or bully you into hiding your true colors. Everyone will assume that you are confident, no one sees you falling apart behind closed doors. People will treat you like you’re made of stone. So RISE UP!

***VENT RULES! I am not attacking anyone in particular! This is completely personal opinion and not fact! I understand this is black-and-white thinking! Thank you for your open mind and no judgement please! Love & peace!***

Deep Thoughts: The Bigger Picture


I woke up early this morning and suddenly remembered, “I don’t need to get out of bed and rush to work!” What a great feeling. Something about the energy of this day is giving me deep thoughts. Maybe it is the fact that I am here by myself (and Venus), just alone in my head. The silence is very nice. Venus is peacefully napping at the end of the bed because this is usually around the time when both Kevin and I are at work — so she has gotten into a habit of sleeping while we are gone, and running around like a maniac while we are asleep.

I was thinking about how life’s little distractions get in the way of life itself. It has been a crazy adventure moving around, job searching, and starting a new position. But I have been really looking forward to when things start to settle down and I can fully adjust to my new world.

I have gotten to the point where I am trying to avoid any type of distraction that gets in the way of the moment and my happiness. I had to admit to myself that all humans have a tendency to subconsciously create drama, whether we enjoy it or despise it. It’s the reason we watch movies or read gossip magazines. Drama is our entertainment — but it’s a very stressful form of entertainment that clouds our minds and makes us lose sight of what truly matters.

In order to keep the peace, I am trying to develop a habit of simply letting things happen. For example, I am done with pushing people in and out of my life. I stop focusing on outside events that I cannot control and I switch the focus on how I react to these situations. Life is like a roller coaster ride and if you try to take the wheel and control everything, you become frustrated. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the view.

The universe throws things at you — situations, challenges, or people — and it’s like a game. Humans are looking for conflict; we’re looking for things we can conquer. You can curse the universe or you can have fun interacting with the universe. It’s like the universe is a little kid saying, “c’mon, let’s play!” And sadly, we tend to respond to it like an exhausted mother by replying, “ugh, go play by yourself and leave me alone.”

Spending significantly less time on social media has really improved my mental health. It is much easier to live in the moment and avoid dwelling on the past. I am not constantly reminded of people I had been struggling to let go of. I feel more clear-headed, like I can fully focus on the present.

And these are my deep thoughts for the day. Thanks for reading, hope it gave you some inspiration. Comment below if you have any more deep thoughts to add.