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What's Your Spirit Animal?

Everybody has a spirit animal — most have several of them! A spirit animal is a type of animal you feel connected with: through personality traits, sometimes even physical characteristics, but mainly it is something you feel deep within.

Ancient traditions say that spirit animals serve the purpose of guiding and protecting your soul, helping you align with your highest spiritual path. However there are also many modern and practical reasons for becoming aware of your spirit animal(s)…

  • Gain a better understanding of who you are, your wants and needs, your perception of life…
  • Feel connected to your animal instincts and wild nature…
  • Find appreciation for animals and honor what they can teach us…
  • Understand how unique each person is by acknowledging diversity of the animal kingdom…
  • Figure out what your life purpose is, and what your true passions are…
  • Work with your strengths and weaknesses to create a better life for yourself…

…and that is only the beginning!

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Caturday ~ The Black Cat

What’s up with “the black cat,” and why is it considered an icon of superstition?

Many equate black cats as a signal of bad luck. They say: don’t let it cross your path, don’t touch one, don’t even look at one. Some say one single black cat is dangerous while a duo or pack of black cats are harmless. Some say the superstition of black cats only apply on Halloween.

Other say that black cats actually signal good luck. However, these are usually “witches” who claim this.

Either way, black cats have a spiritual impact on our culture. All cats are considered to be mystical on some level — common myths claiming they can see ghosts or travel to other dimensions, how they were worshipped in ancient Egypt… However, it is specifically “the black cat” that has the highest notoriety.

Folklore is full of black cat characters. They tend to represent sneaky figures who can shapeshift into witches, demons, and other mythical entities to spy on others.

Cat Sith is a popular character from Celtic mythology. Cat Sith is a fairy who can shapeshift into a black cat, with a white spot on its chest. It is believed that it has the power to steal souls by floating over a corpse before burial. The Scottish have an ancient tradition of using distractions such as toys and catnip to keep a deceased body safe until its buried.

The “Sabot cat” is an anarchist symbol — more specifically, anarcho-syndicalism. The icon is a black cat standing in pounce-mode, feeling threatened and ready to attack. Anarcho-syndicalism is responsible for human labor rights such as shorter workdays (our current 8-hour system.)

How did the black cat end up representing anarchist beliefs? The legend is that while on IWW strike, a black cat walked into the camp looking very sick and skinny. Strikers fed the black cat and it eventually regained its strength. Suddenly, the strike went from poor to positive and the strikers finally received compensation for their demands.

In modern times, black cats are much more accepted, especially within the cat-lover community. However, this ancient superstition continues to threaten our sweet, furry friends. To this day, black cats are commonly bullied by ignorant humans, especially on Halloween night. And at animal shelters, black cats are much less likely to be adopted. These innocent souls are suffering, due to the tragic influence of false beliefs.

In our culture, “the black cat” stands for power, mystery, and independence. Throughout history, many have demonized the black cat, the same way our culture demonizes free-will, personal rights, power, and things that go beyond our limited understanding.

Do not fear the black cat! It is here to set us free, to remind us that we are more powerful than we realize — if only we stop letting power-hungry authority figures make us feel weak.

Caturday ~ Cat lady fashion

Think what you want about cat ladies, but you can’t deny that we have the best sense of style. Cat lady fashion is a type of cuteness exclusive to those who adore the felines and are proud to show it. Cats are the ultimate source of high fashion… where do you think the term “catwalk” came from? And what about “cat eyes” — cats were the first creatures to sport eyeliner!

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Throwback Thursday ~ my first cat

I was so upset when my dad’s cat, Fashia, passed away. Then about a year or two later, for my ninth birthday, I adopted a kitten and named him Buttermilk — his fur being the color of pancakes. It was the best birthday present ever.

He was so sweet, very active, playful, skittish, and extremely curious. He spent a lot of time outdoors, running around — this made him pretty buff. While most cats spend their days sleeping and eating, he was always on the move.

As a child, I would spend a lot of my free time playing outdoors: shooting hoops or kicking around a soccer ball. Most of the time I had no idea where he was because he was always hiding. But after being outside for no more than five minutes or so, he’d suddenly appear! And he’d be in the corner watching me — it was so cute! Then I would go to pet him, and he’d run away.

He always shied away from people, he hated large crowds and loud noises. But most nights he would come into my bed and cuddle. He was absolutely adorable!

Caturday ~ Cats just wanna have fun

Part of your pet’s health includes entertainment through physical activity and mental stimulation. Boredom leads to depression, disruptive behavior, and a slower metabolism.

Just as important as it is to make sure your cat has food and water, it’s also necessary to make sure your cat has play. Cats are very intelligent creatures, which means they are especially prone to boredom.

Cats are independent and therefore likely to play by themselves with whatever toy or random object they can get their paws on — especially as kittens. However, with age, cats become lazier, less excitable, and more easily disinterested.

Kitten scratching fabric sofa

Keep your cat entertained:

  • Buy cheap little toys at your local pet store and keep them scattered around your home.
  • Save money and make your own toys by recycling old things — usually cats prefer boxes over cat beds, paper towel rolls and hair ties over store-bought items, etc.
  • Get your cat a friend — cats are generally loners but still have fun being social. You can get multiple cats, a dog, a little rodent, a tortoise, etc. — of course be careful and use proper training, supervision, and borders to keep the animals safe.
  • Make sure your cat has things to freely climb and scratch, such as a cat tree, scratching post, perch, etc.
  • Let your cat have a good view out the window. Keep the blinds open and even open the window if possible. Make sure it has a comfortable spot to lay. For cats, a window is like their version of TV.
  • A similar option, literally let your cat watch TV. They prefer cartoons, but your best option is to open YouTube and stream a live birdwatch cam.

Having said all that, the best way to keep your cat entertained is to play with your cat yourself. Use toys like lasers, strings, etc. Do anything that simulates their instinctual needs to hunt. Be sure to use discipline such as yelling or making loud noise to stop your cat from getting too frisky. They may scratch and bite with good intentions as they are just trying to play, but obviously it’s important they know when to stop.

Caturday ~ Male vs. Female

Before adopting a cat, it’s important to know if you’d rather have a male or female kitty companion. There are some differences to consider…

Male Cat:

  • Males will always be larger in size.
  • More muscular.
  • Tend to roam more and wander further (especially if outdoor cat).
  • Will bond better with females.
  • Typically friendlier and more outgoing, although this varies.
  • More affectionate and cuddly with their owners.
  • May display territorial behavior by spraying.

Female cat:

  • Females are smaller in size.
  • Less likely to wander, and will stay close to home if let outside.
  • Will bond better with males.
  • Typically a greater need for attention, or more likely to ask for attention.
  • Generally more reserved and independent.
  • Strong maternal instincts.
  • Also territorial, though more likely to show it by rubbing their bodies to mark their scent.

Neutering/spaying your cat plays an important factor — an un-neutered male is going to be much more aggressive and territorial due to higher levels of testosterone, for example.

“Male vs. female” is simply one factor to think about when determining what type of cat is best for you. It’s also vital to consider breed, age, genetics, and their unique personality traits.