All around the world, statues crumble for me

All around the world, statues crumble for me

Today, I turn 25-years old! As I reflect upon these past twelve months, I feel I have made a total transformation. I've learned a lot and I continue to grow each year. As you get older, you can either get bitter or get better. You should never judge what the universe has handed you. Everyone [...]

Jordan’s birthday

Last weekend, we celebrated Jordan's birthday in NJ. Bree and I met Jordan at a hotel on Friday night and then Alex joined us the next day. Saturday morning, we had delicious NJ/NY style bagels... absolutely delicious. PA bagels are a joke! (But their donuts are better.) I also had a chai tea smoothie! That [...]


Today, I completed 23 circles around the sun! I went out for breakfast with Kevin this morning and enjoyed a nice day off work. I also bought myself a few birthday presents. Last year, I received my cat Venus as a birthday gift. I feel so grateful to have this sweet (but mischevious) little creature [...]