Music Monday ~ Britney Spears re-releases “Glory” album with new track “Mood Ring”

Music Monday ~ Britney Spears re-releases “Glory” album with new track “Mood Ring”

This past weekend, after four painful years of silence, Britney Spears blessed her fans with new music by releasing new track "Mood Ring." Previously, this song was exclusively available to her Japanese fans on the deluxe version of her most recent album, 2016's "Glory." The album was re-released on Friday worldwide to include this new [...]

Album Review: “Artemis” by Lindsey Stirling

Album Review: “Artemis” by Lindsey Stirling

Lindsey Stirling has her own unique sound that blends classical music with present-day dubstep. Her sound is mainly relies on instrumental with a hint of vocals for an added bonus. Recently she dropped a new album titled "Artemis." It takes you on a wild journey through the deep, dark forest -- hunting under the light [...]

Album Review: “Norman ******* Rockwell” by Lana Del Rey

Imagine the last couple weeks of summer, enjoying one last wild boat ride across the sea, in the beautiful country of the USA. Then you go relax with a drink and an enchanting woman comes in to play tunes on the piano and sing songs with her lovely voice. Yet this is no ordinary woman, [...]

Melanie Martinez’s “K-12” ~ A Cute & Creepy Film About the School of Life

Melanie Martinez just dropped a visual album, "K-12." The film, essentially a sci-fi musical, is over an hour-and-a-half long. It's a continuation of her first album, "Cry Baby," which is the introduction of the persona of Crybaby. Her style is very unique and specific -- cute and creepy, a theme of childlike innocence mixed with [...]

Music Monday ~ Miley is back with more bangerz

I'm so thrilled to see that Miley Cyrus has released new music. "She Is Coming" only has six tracks but they all blew me away. Miley Cyrus She is Coming Credit: Miley Cyrus/Instagram Miley's 2013 "Bangerz" introduced a brand new incredibly empowering and controversial woman to the world. It was full of party anthems [...]

ETERNAL YOUTH ~ “Forever Neverland” by MØ

MØ has recently released a new album called "Forever Neverland." I've already listened to it multiple times because her music is so addictive. I highly recommend purchasing this beautiful masterpiece. Here are my personal thoughts about it. MØ takes you on a lucid dream full of nostalgia, fantasy, and childlike wonder. She also reveals a [...]