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Mystery Monday ~ dancing mania

Perhaps the strangest plague of them all is dancing mania, which mainly broke out in Europe between the 14th and 17th centuries. The outbreak has been documented and known to have affected thousands of people of all ages. Those who are infected with the mysterious disease are overcome with an urge to start dancing, keep

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Loyal to Sadness

Do you ever feel p o w e r l e s s ? Like everything is j u s t a m e s s . . . If everybody feels this way Why doesn’t anyone act like it? If everyone is feeling down Why do they smile and never frown? You may not

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Dark Cloud

Colors of the rainbow made me uncomfortable All the bright pastels were so unsettling to me. The black and dark grey brought a sense peace I felt more at home, like I could finally breathe. The sunny day made me want to stay inside Light kept pouring in, so I had to close the blinds.

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Caturday ~ The Black Cat

What’s up with “the black cat,” and why is it considered an icon of superstition? Many equate black cats as a signal of bad luck. They say: don’t let it cross your path, don’t touch one, don’t even look at one. Some say one single black cat is dangerous while a duo or pack of

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Importance of Imagination

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.” –Albert Einstein What they never taught you in school is that imagination is just as valuable, if not more, than intelligence. Anyone can memorize facts with enough repetition. But intelligence will get you nowhere if you

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twisted tree

Here and there I find myself wondering exactly how twisted the tree branches coil or just how fathomless the roots travel through the depths of the slovenly soil.


Every movement is a pebble thrown into a lake Do you aim with intention, or drop by mistake? Every ripple travels far, further than you know Do you take the time to stand there and watch where it goes?

Speak Now

I could always dance in front of a crowd I could always sing to them so loud But I always seem to shut down When I try to speak I can speak with my body, my face, my eyes I can speak with laughter, speak with smiles I can write out the words, so swiftly

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Addicted To Writing

You suck me back in, just when I thought I was done. You are my greatest struggle, yet also passionate fun. I shut down my laptop and try to walk away but you keep on calling like a child who wants to play. My fingers keep moving, my brain keeps buzzing like a broken heart

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