My faith is being tested, but…

Not necessarily my faith in the universe, or my faith in God, or my faith in my expectations or anything else… My faith in love. My faith in love has been tested for so long. BUT… my faith will prevail. I have to state that my faith will prevail no matter what. I believe in [...]

my past failures

I'm back with another depressing rant. Trigger warning that this is not going to be positive, so kindly please click away if you are seeking positivity right now. Again this is really important for me to feel my feels. I have a lot of coping mechanisms for pain, and I have to say that writing [...]


I don’t know if I should say this, or if I’m allowed to say this… but this is my blog and I can write what I want. I should warn that this is going to be a very depressing rant. So if you’re seeking positivity right now, please click away. I’m not looking for anyone [...]

My Personal Experience with Ritual Vitamins (the good and the bad)

My Personal Experience with Ritual Vitamins (the good and the bad)

*This is NOT a sponsored post!* Ritual vitamins are a brand of multivitamins -- available for women, men, pregnancy, and teens. I'm here to tell you all about ritual vitamins, my personal experience with them, so that you can make a better decision as to whether you'd like to try them or not. How it [...]

Angry — Lotus Poems

I’m not angry at you and that’s the truth I’m angry at the way you block me out These locks with no keys makes me scream and shout I’m angry at the way you hide yourself as if you can’t see how you’re better than everyone else. I’m angry at your disguises and false masks […]Angry [...]

I want to be an angel Floating in the sky Peacefully looking down At the world passing by. Everything scares me On this planet Earth Everyone is angry And everything hurts. I may be a coward But I'll bravely choose to stay alive. And take comfort in the fact That someday, it will be my [...]

The more I open up, The more that you close… The closer I come, The further you go… Every greeting A simple wave Is met with Disdain. The harder I try The stronger Is the pain. So then I let go Run away So far. And suddenly Out of nowhere There You are. And im [...]

30-day challenge ~ WRITING RAINBOW (GREEN) day 17: your perception about money?

30-day challenge ~ WRITING RAINBOW (GREEN) day 17: your perception about money?

Money is a tricky thing, potentially dangerous and can destroy lives. It can also bring great pleasure, security, and overall positivity. It can make you feel lucky, abundant, fortunate, and powerful. It can also make you feel powerless, weak, left out, defeated, exhausted, absolutely terrified.Those who have more money than others often say condescending things [...]