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Oh the places you’ll go…

The rave crew takes on Electric Zoo!

Last weekend, I was in New York for Electric Zoo festival. I went with my friends and it was all of our first times at E-Zoo. It was similar to the time we all went to Electric Daisy Carnival NY in 2015, but even better! It’s a three-day event that takes place on Randalls Island, which we took a ferry to get to.

Day 1

Friday was the most exciting day because it had just begun! I was nervous not knowing exactly what to expect. For my outfit, I dressed as Harley Quinn — Suicide Squad era. I loved all the random statues and artwork, and of course I had to get pictures with them. I also have pictures of Laura Sofia and a random girl doing a kandi bracelet trade. Kandi bracelet trade is a special music festival ritual — you do a peace-love-unity handshake and then trade handmade beaded bracelets that are colorful and sometimes have messages spelt out. My favorite sets were Kaskade, Oliver Heldens, Getter, and 4B.

Day 2

There were WAY more people on Saturday! It really gave me anxiety, how many people were there. We had to wait 45 minutes for water (as apposed to less than two minutes Friday and Sunday). All the lines were long, everywhere. Still, it was a lot of fun and the DJs were killer! So upsetting that we missed Benny Benassi… how dare they schedule him at 3:00 PM? (We got there around 5ish.) Above & Beyond, Zedd, and Flux Pavilion were my favorites! At the very end of the night, some girl came up to me for a kandi bracelet trade!

Day 3:

Sunday was awesome! We had rose slushies with strawberries on top… so delicious! I also had a very tasty (yet ridiculously expensive) pizza. I had yet another kandi bracelet trade! We still went hard that day, but were definitely feeling a little worn. Favorites: Alison Wonderland, Armin Van Buuren, Dog Blood, Boombox Cartel, Cash Cash, and GTA. Sunday had the BEST setlist! So many good ones, too bad we were unable to see them all!

It was an unforgettable experience but now I am incredibly tired…

Ocean Grove // Asbury Park 2019

It was another dazzling summer at Ocean Grove with the family. Filled with a mix of age-old, somewhat recent, and brand new traditions.

There were multiple Playa Bowl meals. I’m torn between the coconut bowls and the green bowls — equally delicious. A lot of people like the dragon fruit.

There was the second annual brewery tour at Beer Haus, Last Wave, and Frye Brewery. My favorite beer of the night: chop hop.

We had our annual Ladies Breakfast at The Starving Artist — no men allowed!

And of course there was beach time (the water was perfect!), walks on the boardwalk through Asbury Park, and lots of ice cream.

It’s really fascinating to see what they do with the tunnel that bridges between OG and Asbury. There is always some new type of artwork.

It’s so peaceful to be by the beach: the sounds, the sights, and the feeling. This year I made more of an effort to use my phone less and be more present in the moment.

The full moonlight was enchanting! You could see so many stars in the sky including Mars and Jupiter!

Asbury Park is such an incredibly creative place, you never know what you’ll find!

I’m so in love with these murals I found! I love how they represent the strength of women.

The ocean is alive, the ocean is free, the ocean is powerful, the ocean is female!

Until next year…

Pole party & ghost hunting! (Happy b-day, LSG!)

One of my best friends Laura Sofia recently celebrated her 24th birthday. Congratulations on your 24th orbit around the sun, girl! I visited her for the weekend and had a great time as always. She threw a “pole party” for a bunch of her friends. This girl is an extremely dedicated pole dancer, which is an art that should be respected and never exploited; it takes a lot of strength and focus and bravery to master the pole! She has learned some crazy tricks like spinning around upside down. So the party was held at the fitness factory and the instructor taught us some moves and routines, and there was also snacks and beer for us. It was a great time!

And then the next day a group of us went back to King’s Park to once again explore the abandoned psychiatric facility. Apparently one of the buildings we were in had a ghost because one girl saw a figure and it really freaked her out. I also heard some whistling at some point. Freaky!

Sorcery in the city

Laura Sofia and I spent last weekend at Connie’s place in Philly. On Friday night we went out and met up with Gabby, who I haven’t seen in so long! Then on Saturday afternoon we headed out on a “Harry Potter bar crawl” adventure that lasted into the night.

The first stop for the Harry Potter Bar Crawl was the Raven Longue which was the perfect way to start; it had a lot of character and totally set the vibe. So much Edgar Allen Poe.

I drank a “unicorn blood” cocktail and a butterbeer shot, and both of them were super delicious.

That was a great start, and then we eventually made our way to a few different bars which all had cool Harry Potter specialty (and discounted) drinks.

And then on Sunday, Laura Sofia and I headed back to D-town. We went to the market while Kevin was working and enjoyed some fall festivities there: corn maze, hay ride, and a caramel apple.


BIG DUB 2018

My fourth time at Big Dub Festival was fantastic. It only gets better every year. I arrived at the music festival with Kevin, Laura Sofia, Bree, Jaz, and Mel on Wednesday, with Jordan and Todd joining us the following day.

dan and Todd joining us the following day. After nearly finishing a strenuous setup in the burning heat, it suddenly poured buckets of water. We hid for shelter but the rain was getting into our tent, so we had to adjust it while getting muddy and soaked. There was a huge puddle at the edge of the tent forming. Everyone took a nap, and three hours later, the sun came out. We had all been thrown into survival mode so soon after getting there. That’s what is really great about camping because you forget about your unnecessary problems and just focus on being alive.

I tried dying my hair pink right before Big Dub, but it failed. I still rocked a lot of pink on the first night with my ballerina raver outfit!

The environment at Big Dub is captivating; people’s creativity truly shines through. I am a huge fan of the glow up giant mushrooms, which I see every year. Something new I noticed this year was the Mad Tea Party table! So cool!

Laura Sofia put glitter on my face — her secret trick is aloe vera gel to hold it all together. Kevin is not a fan of glitter “because it gets everywhere” but obviously that didn’t stop me. 😜

We were lucky that it didn’t rain for the rest of the trip. As always, the people were friendly and the vibes were good. All of the DJs sounded awesome, with Caspa closing the last set on Saturday night.

Peace, love, & big dub! βœŒβ€πŸ¦„

OG18 Part 2

On Friday night, a few of us went out to a beach bar and eventually met up with Priscilla’s boyfriend Manny. It was really fun to drink with the sand in my feet!

Saturday was a rainy day. Kevin drove over that afternoon and we went out for dinner and ice cream at Nagle’s.

Sunday, the weather cleared up and we enjoyed strolling the boardwalk. I had an absolutely delicious “Lola Green Bowl” with kale, banana, pineapple, mango, granola, shredded coconut, and all that healthy stuff.

It’s always sad to say goodbye, especially because this year was shorter for me. It truly feels like my second home!

Ocean Grove 2018

Here we are, back in OG again. The water is healing, the air is fresh, and the vibes are chillin’. But we’re always on the move.

On Thursday we enjoyed a Brewery tour. Today, we went to a Cat CafΓ©. And obviously, I also spent both days at the beach — my natural habitat, as I am a mermaid.

My cousin, the talented photographer Rob, took some lovely photos of me!

The trip is coming to an end, but it’s not over yet! Stay tuned for more…