Grounds for sculpture

Grounds for sculpture

I spent the weekend with my friends Laura Sofia and Connie. Saturday, we went to a really trippy place called Grounds for Sculpture which is like a park and an art museum at the same time, but the art is very strange and random. It was so much fun. And then Gabby joined us later [...]

BIG DUB 2018

My fourth time at Big Dub Festival was fantastic. It only gets better every year. I arrived at the music festival with Kevin, Laura Sofia, Bree, Jaz, and Mel on Wednesday, with Jordan and Todd joining us the following day. dan and Todd joining us the following day. After nearly finishing a strenuous setup in [...]

OG18 Part 2

On Friday night, a few of us went out to a beach bar and eventually met up with Priscilla's boyfriend Manny. It was really fun to drink with the sand in my feet! Saturday was a rainy day. Kevin drove over that afternoon and we went out for dinner and ice cream at Nagle's. Sunday, [...]