I just got the news that my grandma passed away last night. I'm really going to miss her, and would like to dedicate some words & memorable photos in her honor... Growing up, I was very close with my Gram. For a grandma who comes from a completely different time, stuck in her ways, she [...]

Home visit

I am at my parents' house for the weekend in Oyster Bay. It's nice to be back home. Everything in this town feels smaller as I get older, except for the house -- which always seems bigger and emptier. I feel more relaxed and less anxious now. My parents and I did some spring cleaning: [...]


Today I'm back in NY for Thanksgiving. It was mom, dad, Julia, and Scott. We had a nice and relaxing day. Good to see family again. I was the family bartender again. I made our traditional apple cider mimosas with cinnamon sugar rims. Venus was especially ecstatic to be in a big house again and [...]

OG18 Part 2

On Friday night, a few of us went out to a beach bar and eventually met up with Priscilla's boyfriend Manny. It was really fun to drink with the sand in my feet! Saturday was a rainy day. Kevin drove over that afternoon and we went out for dinner and ice cream at Nagle's. Sunday, [...]

Ocean Grove 2018

Here we are, back in OG again. The water is healing, the air is fresh, and the vibes are chillin'. But we're always on the move. On Thursday we enjoyed a Brewery tour. Today, we went to a Cat Café. And obviously, I also spent both days at the beach -- my natural habitat, as [...]