About blog

The lotus is a lily pad flower that carries great spiritual significance. Rooted in the mud, it symbolizes how we grow by getting dirty. Only after swimming through the murky waters are we able to rise with beauty and grace. We must acknowledge and respect the darkness, ugliness, and total chaos of the world and of ourselves. The light cannot exist without the dark; creation and destruction are one in the same.

With every piece of writing, I like to emphasize symbols of the lotus. This is place where I am honest about the ups and downs of life. Sometimes I may find myself in a deep hole of misery: the best place to make great art. This is not a showcase of the highlights of my life — rather, a safe outlet for creative expression. So please observe without judgment (although constructive feedback is appreciated.)

I strive to write every day — about all sorts of things: universal truths, personal updates, media reviews, opinion pieces, research articles, poetry, fiction… as far as my mind can travel. The main goal is to push myself to continue growing and inspire others.

Contact: laura@lotuslaura.com