Supplements haul!

I recently went on a supplements haul!

B-12 vitamin spray — super important to get your B-12, especially since I don’t eat meat. The spray is cool because you can quickly and conveniently squirt it in your mouth and it tastes yummy!

Elderberry syrup — elderberry has been used since ancient times as a way of strengthening the immune system and fighting off colds.

Coconut oil (buttery) — coconut oil has so many health benefits. I have some I keep in my bathroom to use on my skin, but I wanted another for food/eating. This would be great to add to a cup of tea.

Collagen powder — this is also a protein powder, great for smoothies. Collagen helps strengthen hair, skin, and nails.

Hum probiotics — this is called “flatten me” and helps with bloating and digestion.

I also got some interesting stuff from Sacred Smoke Herbals.

Sage spray — not exactly a supplement, but sage is typically burned in order to cleanse your home/space, or “get rid of bad vibes.” I’m excited to find a spray version, because where I live, burning sage is going to set off the fire alarm!

Harmony CBD oil — this cinnamon flavored CBD oil is sativa dominant which makes it ideal to use in the morning, since it gives you energy! CBD has many benefits, including anti-inflammation and anxiety relief.

D8 cartridge — D8 is similar to D9-THC but milder and federally legal. It is neuroprotective, analgesic, and helps with digestion and anxiety.

Happy self-care Sunday!

27 thoughts on “Supplements haul!

  1. I haven’t tried CBD or THC even though it has made me curious. My husband won’t let me buy that stuff because he thinks it’s snake oil or something. I used to have a B12 spray but it didn’t have any flavor – yours sounds a lot better. Right now, I use a melatonin supplement powder that I add to water which is sugar-free and tastes like sour blue raspberry. I also use melatonin orange drops which are from the same company called NaturalCalm ( I have been buying from them ever since I tried some of their samples.

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    1. Hahaha, interesting! Ohh, yes this spay is surprisingly yummy! Ohhh, I love melatonin! It gives me super vivid dreams. I will totally check out that website. The ones I use now taste like chalk, blah!

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      1. Same! Melatonin gives me super vivid dreams too. This is a Canadian website and the prices for Canadians is very reasonable. I am quite sure they ship to the states, and I am quite sure they sell their products in the states at the pharmacies too. They also sell magnesium anti-anxiety powders which they send me for free along with my orders. It’s a good company – I highly recommend! I specifically order the packets of melatonin (berry flavor) because I like how they are pre-portioned. Their containers are a bit deceiving because they look big but are only filled about halfway. So I just stick to the individual packets instead πŸ™‚

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      2. Ohh I can definitely use some anti-anxiety!!! And okay, that’s good to know! I really don’t like having to measure it out myself. Thanks for your tips. I am a supplements nerd πŸ€“

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      3. I used to be a supplement nerd until I pulled apart my cupboard one day and counted 30 things of supplements. A lot of them had expired, and idk if half of them really worked. Now I only buy a select few πŸ€—

        At one point I used to sell supplements but they were expensive and nobody including myself could afford them on a monthly basis. Greedy companies and reps wanting their money made it very difficult to actually make a profit or decent commission.

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      4. I can see that, I can see companies ripping you off with stuff that doesn’t work. Totally important to do your research and notice how different things effect you. And even the good ones are not worth overpaying for. Plus I think too many different supplements overwhelm the body. But I’m super interested in how all of them work. πŸ€”

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      5. When I find a product that works for me, I stick with it. It’s the melatonin powder, droplets (new product) and magnesium chewable supplements that I get from Walmart (nothing exciting), and vitamin C tablets that the family uses. All of these products work for me so I will continue buying them.

        Things I stopped buying: oregano oil, cranberry capsules, generic calcium supplements, expensive glutathione supplements from said company.

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      6. Ooo nice! Since college I have tried to take multivitamins, extra B-12, Ashwagandha (herb for stress/energy), melatonin (before bed), and hemp seed oil as my staples, and then trying other things occasionally. Now I still have the same staples but instead of hemp seed I use CBD. I take iron during my period. I use many other different herbs too but inconsistently, and now trying the probiotics and other stuff mentioned in this post. I have to say that since trying elderberry syrup for the first time, it’s sooo delicious, it’s absolutely nothing like cough syrup which makes me gag. And to add I’ve found CO-Q-10 great for energy but way too expensive to take on a regular basis.

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      7. I think you’d really enjoy studying holistic medicine or taking some courses in neutracetical science. I studied neutracelticals as a minor to complement my bio degree and it was the only thing that I found interesting. A naturalpath/homeopath would be the perfect career for you imo πŸ™Œ

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      8. They should reply to your message soon. I have had good customer service experiences with this company. I want to say yes, but don’t quote me on that. I know that they sell some of their products in the US (but I think it depends on the state).

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      9. I haven’t heard anything yet unless it got buried somewhere in my email or spam. I can always just try ordering and see what happens haha! But I do need to clear out my inbox haha, it might be in there somewhere…

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      10. If you try ordering something, it will probably tell you whether or not there is a “shipping fee.” All of my orders have free shipping because I order the sample packets (pre-measured doses, which I prefer anyways). Shipping for you should be free.

        I am sorry that they haven’t replied yet. Usually, they reply pretty quickly. Then again, it’s Easter weekend so maybe that’s why?

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      11. That’s good to see that they responded! That website sounds promising 😊 Two days ago, I ordered some magnesium gummies from NaturalCalm and a few more packets of the melatonin sleep powder. The other day I bought some Jameson magnesium gummies (I take magnesium for tinnitus) and the dose was so low compared to other brands…. it was quite disappointing.


  2. Oh, I like the idea of a sage spray! The leaves smell nice when fresh, but burning them as incense has the unfortunate tendency to send me running along with any negative energy. Not sure what that says about me. πŸ˜…

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