The Fear of Anger

The fear of anger is more destructive than anger itself…

We get so worried about angering others, or letting others make us angry. But that’s silly, because anger is just one of the many emotions we experience on a daily basis — like sadness, happiness, excitement, anxiety, dread, hope, etc.

What’s worse than becoming angry is repressing your anger. Just like any other negative emotion, it hurts. But we shouldn’t be so terrified of pain! Pain, just like our wide spectrum of emotions, is a natural part of life. It has a purpose and function. Just because it’s uncomfortable doesn’t mean you should push it away — actually the opposite.

But the ironic part is that the suppression of anger is actually more painful than anger itself in the long run. Anger is painful for a moment, but then it is followed by release.

We teach people how to treat us so if someone keeps provoking you then you need to demand respect. People will continue to keep doing what you allow them to get away with. You do have a say in how someone is treating you.