When you truly care about someone, you dont worry what other people think. You dont try to form sides and pin people against each other. You dont play petty games. You dont slander a persons character or reputation or whatever. You hold your tongue even when you are dying to speak your truth. When you really care about someone, you let down your armor. you dont hide behind their enemies. You dont do that. You dont go and convince the world that they are crazy. You dont. You dont worry about gossip or judgment. When you really care for someone, you show them you care. You dont show the opposite. You dont try to look “cool” or “tough.”

Being emotionless, mean, and standoffish just makes you look weak and insecure. Hiding behind other people, forming cliques, gossiping, all of that is things weak people do. It takes STRENGTH to admit you have emotions, you are human, you care for someone other than yourself. You dont make fun of a persons mental health. You dont pit everyone against that person. It doesnt matter how hurt you are, dont be petty.

I do not want to say this but right now I feel like I have no choice, I’m going through an extremely difficult time. And it feels like nobody cares about me and nobody understands me. Please I know this is all in my head and theres people who have much more difficulties, but I am really really hurting right now. I’m not going into detail. But it feels like theres NO ONE… I have NEVER felt so lonely in my entire life. And I know that’s my own fault because theres plenty of people around and i have a lot of support but it’s just does not feel like that right now. All I feel is fear.