I have no more time for games

Only for what is real.

So this time I am not afraid

To say exactly how I feel.

Normally I’d hold myself back

Normally I’d pretend not to care.

But if I’m giving you my devotion

Then I think it’s only fair.

I don’t like seeing you talk to other girls.

It really tears me apart.

I don’t like seeing you talk to other girls.

Feels like a knife stabbed in my heart.

Yeah, I don’t care if it’s small talk

And it’s so much worse when you flirt.

Gushing out all your charisma

Do you understand how that hurts?

No, I’m never mad at you — impossible

I’m shattered to pieces, broken glass

No, I’m not a violent person, not one to thrash.

But seeing you with another, it makes me want to slash!

My will power is strong, so I try to let it go

Yet I can no longer afford, not letting my true feelings be known.