Inner child 😇💖

Keep your inner child alive

Don’t let it die

It’s hiding inside

Beneath the layers of fright.

As you grow, as you go on

The world continues to tell you: you’re wrong.

They see your spirit soaring so high

It makes them worry, to see you fly

To see you dream, to see you wonder

Hear your roars and feel your thunder.

Breathe out, even if it pushes them away

Cause your inner child wants to play.

All the adults are angry and bitter

They have lost their spark, lost their glitter

They let the hurt weigh them down

They keep packing baggage, carrying it around.

Your inner child wants to show

The world can be more magical than you know

Pain can be transformed into art

The adult is dumb; the child is smart.

See the world with innocent eyes

Stargaze with hope towards the sky

Tie on a cape and let yourself fly

Let your curiosity keep asking why

You can giggle

Squirm and squiggle

You can be silly and soft

Yet still sturdy as a rock.

You can be pure and fresh

No grudges, no debt.

You can talk to imaginary friends

You can play pretend

It was your favorite time — way back when

Your childhood doesn’t have to come to an end.