30-day challenge ~ WRITING RAINBOW (PURPLE) day 28: what makes you feel powerful?

  • Having a positive impact on someone makes me feel powerful. Knowing that I can make someone feel even just a little bit better is a powerful feeling. Whereas, having a negative impact on someone makes me feel so powerless, like I can’t control my power, like I shouldn’t even be alive.
  • Knowing myself — my body, my mind, my personality, etc. — is an empowering feeling because it helps me understand so much more about life and why certain things happen to me.
  • Dancing makes me feel powerful, especially if no one is watching, because it sends you to another world — not of this reality but a world that the soul craves!
  • Likewise with meditation.
  • To have someone genuinely understand me is so empowering. Because I’m so used to being misunderstood. And when people don’t understand you, they assume that everything you do is wrong and hurtful. They can’t see how you come from a place of genuine heart. They just want to twist all your words and actions into something negative. So when someone actually understands me, it makes me feel like I am being heard for once in my life, not just dismissed. It’s a big reason why I HATE talking so much, because so often people don’t listen to me, because I’m not a good talker, it’s really really difficult for me and I need to express myself in different ways that really mainstream society does not understand. So being understood is a rare, incredibly powerful feeling.