30-day challenge ~ WRITING RAINBOW (BLUE) day 25: what does “peace” mean to you?

“Peace” is when we are allowed to be different, we are allowed to be conflicting, and we are allowed to express ourselves even when it goes against the grain. If you can accept chaos — that is peace. It is a higher state of mind that rises above heaviness and difficulty. It is a complete mindset. When you can relax, because you are not walking on eggshells. When you are acceptant of any outcome. When you can be yourself without worrying about getting scrutinized for it. It really does not have anything to do with quietness or stillness or lack of motion. Peace is found in those who sing their lungs out, dance their hearts out, cry their eyes out, play competitive sports, engage in debate, or do anything to push their limits.

The opposite of peace is not war — or conflict, or loudness, or arguing. The opposite of peace is stuffing everything down in order to enforce peace. The opposite of peace is being forced to remain silent, forced to be still, forced to do nothing. The opposite of peace is putting on a show when your inner world is thinking something completely else. The opposite of peace is the pressure to be peaceful.