30-day challenge ~ WRITING RAINBOW (GREEN) day 16: how do you care for the environment?

  • I am the litter police. I may let my home get a little messy here and there but I never, ever dispose garbage in the streets. It really irks me to see trash in nature. If I’m with someone or if I see someone littering and they refuse to properly dispose it, I will go pick it up and throw it out myself. Not littering — especially in the ocean — is really the simplest way to show respect for the earth.
  • Being vegetarian helps the environment because livestock farming contributes more greenhouse gases, waste pollution, overgrazing, soil erosion, and deforestation.
  • Always unplug or turn off something after using it.
  • Limit hot water use.
  • I don’t drive much, walk instead if I can.
  • Use environmental-friendly cleaners, only use things like bleach when really necessary.
  • Environmental-friendly sunscreen before swimming in the ocean.
  • Try to reuse or donate old things rather than throw them away.
  • And lastly… tell the plants they’re pretty and I love them very much!!! Ha.