30-day challenge ~ WRITING RAINBOW (ORANGE) day 10: your strangest quirks

A quirk is a little thing that makes you different from everyone else, or stand out from the crowd. They can be seen as adorable or repulsive, depending on your perception. Either way they always come with some awkwardness. Just because it’s not average. It’s unique.

I would say that my strangest quirks include… picky eating, waddling, meowing, excitability, getting easily embarrassed, social anxiety, picking and pinching at my skin, getting bug-eyed, mumbling my words, too much self-consciousness, birthmarks, baby face, can’t sit still, head tilt, flushed cheeks, laughing too much, always changing hair, teeth grinding, walking with purpose, twenty stitches scar on my forehead, black-and-white mindset, speaking too quiet or softly, always looking confused for no reason, oversensitivity, and a teeny tiny belly button (they almost couldn’t pierce it!)