30-day challenge ~ WRITING RAINBOW (RED) day 3: how do you express yourself?

I like to express myself through writing, just because it is a medium that comes most naturally to me. Whenever I have something important to say to someone, it’s always through writing or a letter or something. I use my voice just to express basic things, the bare minimum, because I’m not as comfortable with speaking. Writing is good for people who think a lot because you can really plan it out in your head, you can go back and edit, and all that. With talking, you have to go on a whim, which is easier for some but harder for me. And when I’m writing, I know that people are actually looking at the words. When I speak, I feel like there is too much focus on my soft voice and dainty appearance; I feel like no one hears me or takes me seriously. Through writing, I don’t feel so small or overlooked.

Non-verbally, I like to express myself through dancing! It’s really the best and easiest way for me to externalize my inner world. It says so many things that words cannot. When I’m speaking, I don’t like my body: it makes me feel weak, small, and limited. Like, who is going to listen to this little girl? But when I’m dancing, I embrace all the beauty of my body, and it feels most powerful and strong! That’s when people actually watch, actually give me credit for what I can offer to the world.