Merry Christmas (catmas) 2019!

I spent Christmas 2019 with my family in NY. On Saturday, my aunt and cousin visited. We went to an art museum, had a diner lunch, and watched Christmas movies.

Julie and Priscilla bought themselves a joint Christmas present: the “Friends” Central Perk coffee house Lego set. Because you’re never too old for legos…

On Sunday, I hung out with my friend Laura Sofia and her two cousins. We went on a nature walk since it was really nice out!

Laura Sofia got me these amazing handmade cat tarot cards from Etsy!!!

Venus was super excited to be back at the house. She caught a mouse we found in the kitchen! Yikes! She was well behaved for the most part. Her and Norman kept chasing each other around.

Julie has a new (and delicious) tradition of making cinnamon buns from scratch for Christmas. They were so rich and filling!

Merry Christmas to all!

And to all a goodnight!