What is guilt?

Guilt is an angry entity

Who hovers over me

Like a shadow, dark in the light

Disguising itself as the light

Holding me to standards so high

A measurement that shoots up through the sky

Brainwashing me and distorting perception

Swinging me around to another direction

Crushing my confidence, draining my power

Disintegrating my solidity into a fine, thin powder

Guilt has bullied me, has fed me lies

Guilt is the blindfold shielding my eyes

From truth and love, from all that is pure

And when the wind comes rushing in, guilt will slam the door.

If Guilt was on Heaven’s side, then

it would accept me for who I am.

Instead, it remains as forgiveness’s foe

Wishing I would shrink, wishing I won’t grow.

Now I have discovered

Guilt’s true colors.